Top 5 Thriller TV Shows on Netflix

    Have you ever been at home sitting in your bed trying to find a great TV show to watch? Because we have all been there. Netflix is filled with a variety of TV shows and movies that are perfect to watch. But sometimes there are way too many to pick from. These 5 thriller TV shows are the best to watch and will have you on the edge of your sit!

  1. Scandal

This show is about a woman named Olivia Pope and she has her own crisis-management firm. There are about five people on her team and they help solve problems in people's’ lives. The show also goes into detail about each person's life and how they ended up on her team. This show is a must watch! Also, Shonda Rhimes created this show and Grey's Anatomy. So the show has to be good!

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 2. How to Get Away with Murder

This show will have you shocked and surprised throughout each of its seasons. There are five seasons of greatness in this show. It’s about a professor named Annalise Keating, who teaches a class about How to Get Away With Murder. She selects a group of students who she thinks are the best in the class and everything takes a turn for the worst. They all end up in deep problems that are challenging to get out of.


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  3. Dexter

Dexter is a very interesting and intriguing tv show. This show is about a blood spatter analyst who works for the Miami Police Department. But he’s a serial killer, and he only murders people who committed crimes or who weren’t found guilty in trials. Only his father knew what kind of life he lived but he has to hide this secret from the rest of the world. He faces many obstacles trying to keep this a secret, including the fact that he works at a police department!

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   4. Riverdale

After the death of a popular high school student in Riverdale, the town has been on edge. A group of high school students try to figure out what happened to him while managing friends, relationships and work. Strange things start occurring in this small town and they start to put the pieces together.

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5. Somewhere between

This show is about a woman named Laura Price, who has a husband that works as a district attorney, and they have a daughter together. Everything turns for the worst when the daughter is kidnapped and murdered. Strangely, the next day Laura Price awkwakens to find her daughter alive and everything is the same. She keeps repeating each day until she can find the person who killed her daughter.

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I hope this list of shows helps you to find an intriguing show to watch either with your friends, by yourself or significant other! These shows will have you in awe and leave you wonder about what will happen next.

Kai Johnson