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Top 5 Best Products for Curly Hair

People always asked me when I was little whether or not I liked my voluminous, wild curly hair, and my answer was (and still is) always yes! However, figuring out how to style it was another story. When I was younger, I remember never seeing any beauty advertisements targeted towards curly haired women. Because of this, it took me years of searching and trying different products to gather up all the goodies I have now for styling my curly locks. Below is a compiled list of my top five favorite products (somewhat in the order of how I use them), so grab your shopping lists curly haired ladies and end this time-consuming treasure hunt! 

1. Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner

At the start of styling my hair every day, I wash my hair with baby shampoo (it makes your hair incredibly soft!) and then use Dove’s Intensive Repair Conditioner. Given that included in its ingredients are keratin repair actives, the conditioner repairs the keratin in your hair at the cellular level, ultimately strengthening your hair to prevent any future breakage or split ends. On curly hair, this conditioner works wonders as it goes on smooth and detangles to give it a sleek, smooth shine. Also, after washing it out, frizz is nonexistent!

2. Aquage Curl Defining Crème

After washing out that conditioner, I then follow up by using a curl defining crème by Aquage. This product keeps my hair from frizzing while still defining my curls without making them crunchy as it dries like some mousse’s do. I use about three quarter size drops every day, finger combing the crème from roots to ends. The crème dries naturally and makes your curls soft and full of volume for a whole day of wear!

3. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Some days when I’m feeling a style of curl that is less defined and more relaxed, I opt for using Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. The spray is infused with two unique ingredients: dead sea salt and sea kelp. The spray not only smells like the fresh, ocean air but also makes your curls come out more wavy than usual, simulating the ultimate beach waves! I spray enough of the mist to cover all of my hair and voila- beach waves without having to go to the beach. After using, I usually leave my hair down but this product is also great for using when you want to add a little oomph to your messy low bun or ponytail!

4. Mario Tricoci Rockin’ Curl

This product has been my savior for important events! This gel-like cream defines my curls to their fullest while still drying smooth and adding a bunch of bounce. The best part though is the fact that it holds all day and night, no matter how much dancing you do or your exposure to the various elements! When prepping for a day or night out, I use about three quarter size drops and run it through my hair from ends to roots, making sure that my ends get the most coverage. Be sure to cover each section evenly, spreading the gel over the palms of your hands for the perfect balance throughout. This will ensure that each and every curly strand will be defined and ready to take on a fun time!

5. Suave Extreme Hold Hairspray (10)

Given that I was in a performance group that required your curls to stay bouncy even when you were doing countless hair flips and spins, I experimented with multiple hairsprays trying to find the infamous “one” that could do it all- and that’s when I found Suave Extreme Hold Hairspray (10). This hairspray goes on light and held my defined curls throughout the hair maneuvering and extreme dance moves. I spray enough to cover all of my hair, adding extra to my ends to ensure they hold. When dried, this hairspray doesn’t leave any flakey residue and doesn’t feel as sticky as some of the others I have used. It may still smell like hairspray, but trust me; it is much more than average! 

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