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Tips on How to Prepare for Spring Break



Tips on How to Prepare for Spring Break

Spring break is quickly approaching and if you’re going on a trip you are most likely counting down the days. You want to look and feel your best when on vacation. Here are some pre-spring break tips to prepare you for your vacay!


Buy Swimsuits Online

While being away at school it can be very hard to find time to hit up the closest mall. Often times the local mall doesn’t always have the best swimsuit options anyways. So, what is the answer to your problems? Online shopping! There are so many swimsuit online shops that you will find yourself not being able to decide. This is a good thing. I have also found online swimsuit shopping is where all of the deals are at. One of the ways I have found different swimsuit shops was by following different boutiques on Instagram that lead me to other cute sites. Start shopping now so your swimmies will be here in time for your trip!


Body Prep

For some the thought of a swimsuit being what you are going to wear all day can make you want to hit up the gym 10 times extra. If you want to slim up a little to feel your best do it now so you can thank yourself later. My recommendation is to just eat clean in the weeks leading up and increase your cardio to shed that bloat. Honestly, no one is going to critique you as hard as you will spring break week. So if you want to feel a little more confident make a few small changes to your diet and exercise plan!


Make a Spring Break Playlist

I suggest making this spring break playlist early on so you don’t have to constantly search for songs when all you want to do is enjoy being off your phone. Start the playlist this early on so you will be able to add songs you think of in the weeks leading up! If you happen to be driving to your destination, I suggest also making a road trip playlist!


Get a Protective Phone Case

This tip is one of those things you don’t realize you need until you are already on your trip. I could not tell you how many times my waterproof phone case saved my phone. If you are one of those people who drops their phone a lot, I suggest you get a protective phone case prior to the trip. It would be a huge downer if your phone breaks in the middle of your vacay! Also, you might want to add a couple of your friends on the Find Friends app. I say this for two reasons; in case you lose your phone and if you lose yourself. Let’s hope you don’t get lost though!


Put a Couple Outfits Together

The last thing you want to do when you’re having fun on vacation is worry about what to wear. The best is to get up in the morning have an outfit already put together so you can just go. I suggest having a couple outfit ideas planned out so you don’t have to spend too much time figuring out what to wear when you could be on the beach!


Have Fun!

Take advantage of having a little bit of time before your trip. Feeling prepared and ready makes you way less stressed and allows you to have the most fun you can have. Have fun on your trip babes!

Kate Chapman

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Hi everyone, my name is Kate Chapman and I am a HC Illinois State editor-in-chief! I am a senior journalism student at Illinois State University and have found I have a passion for incorporating fashion and beauty into my writing and work. Check out my blog (misskatechapman.com) or follow me on Instagram @misskatechapman to connect!