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Three New Female Artists to Listen to ASAP

From the dreamy acoustic melodies of country princess Kacey Musgraves, to the twinkling electric sounds of pop sensation Ariana Grande, you can’t deny that any genre of music created by empowered women is gonna be EASY to vibe to. This year, female artists are bringing us new vibrant music that we should all be super excited for. Here are three up-and-coming female artists to look out for in 2019.

Lennon Stella

Stella’s first debut to fame was as Maddie Conrad, the oldest daughter of Country Star Rayna James on the hit show Nashville. Stella and her real-life younger sister, Maddie Stella, played half siblings on the show from 2012 – 2018. Since the show ended, Lennon has made her own mark as a solo artist signed to Columbia Records as of January 2018. Her new sound is far from the soft country she played on Nashville, and leans more towards a warm and sultry pop sound. Stella is set to start her Love, me Tour this month and has a number of venues already sold out. Her top songs right now are Polaroid, La Di Da, and Bad


King Princess

King Princess released her debut single, “1950,” barely a year ago. Yet the single still is racking up ratings as it has more than 124 million plays on Spotify alone. The 20-year-old queer pop-star confidently sings about her romantic life and the experiences she has gone through as a member of the LGBTQ community. She has received many praises from established artists like Harry Styles and Mark Ronson, who actually signed her to his new record label under Columbia Records. She just finished her own tour in early February but is scheduled to play at festivals in the upcoming year like Coachella, Hangout, Bonnaroo, and Firefly music festival. Her top songs right now are 1950, Talia, and Holy.


Astrid S. 

Astrid S. is a Norwegian pop star who is on track to become the next Pop Princess. At the age of 16, she dropped out of soccer school in Norway to audition on Norwegian Idol. On the show, she earned the spot for her fist indigenous top 10 hit, ‘Shattered’ and was immediately signed to Sony ATV Music Publishing as a new songwriter. Her songs are the perfect mix of heart-felt lyrics with a pop-acoustic sound. Her top songs right now are Someone New, Hurts So Good, and Think Before I Talk. 

Mia Riddell

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