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There is NO Planet B

Over the last year we have seen many detrimental things come to fruition on our planet whether it be at home or around the world. Fires, destruction, turmoil, pain, I could go on. The world is dying but not just in the way you may think.

The forest known by many as “the lungs of the world” began to burn on August 19th, according to TIME. However, this horrible event, in my opinion, has not been receiving the media attention it deserves.

For instance; when you type in the words “amazon fire” into Google... you get more advertisements for the Amazon Fire TV than you do for the actual fire itself! (Note: This information was searched as of September 2, 2019 referring to searches beyond top stories and videos.)

Here are the screenshots of my search on Google:

Via Google

My point here being that our greed and sense of commercialism have finally seemed to outweigh the importance of our planet’s survivability. Our planet is dying all around us and all we seem to care about is where we can watch TV and live sports. 

Many will claim that my generation, Generation Z, is the future, however, there won’t be a future if our planet dies right under our own feet. My generation has been TRYING to make strides for our future for many a moon now. If you don’t know what I am referring to, take a look here.

Via Google and Forbes

According to an article from Forbes titled Generation Z Is Ready To Lead, Generation Z is “hardworking and entrepreneurial like Generation X (their parents),” and “they believe things must change for the better like Millennials” (Forbes).  My generation isn’t the problem. We are ready to lead us all into the future but we cannot do that with all these ‘white old men’ destroying our planet and pushing it all onto us (‘white old men’ referring to people in the government/congress, etc.). 

Even now, the world is getting nowhere with these tariffs and isolationism we have all confined ourselves to. If we don’t take on our problems together head on, we will get nowhere and our planet will surely die and there is no Planet B. 

For more information on what others have done to help the climate crisis or ideas to support to help our future here are some other articles I found quite interesting. I might even go further into these articles in the future.

Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Via Google

Queen guitarist wants another Live Aid concert to fight climate change

Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen

Via Google

For more updates on our planet, make sure to go check out my Instagram @emmeixell.

I care about our planet and so should you (I mean where else you gonna live).


Much love and peace,


Emily Meixell

Illinois State '22

I'm Emily and I'm a junior Graphic Design Major here at Illinois State. I love to write for HerCampus because it is a place that empowers women and allows me to express myself through writing. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @emmeixell and my art account @loving.the.creative.vibe also on Instagram.
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