There Are So Many Beautiful Reasons To Be Happy

Happiness. Something people want to feel, and something people strive to accomplish. Personally, I find happiness in the smallest things like reading a good book, being on the beach, taking a shower after a long day, the scent of candles, etc. We all have those days when we struggle to find happiness, but this is a reminder that the littlest things can bring you joy, and these are things that can just genuinely make you smile.  I asked a variety of people what makes them happy, and here are some of the things that they said.



“When hard work pays off.”

“Happiness to me is writing notes. I love being organized and color coordinated. I love using sticky notes and note cards. I love being able to learn and concentrate. Rewriting my notes after class really helps me dig deeper into what I need to focus on.”

“The beach, yoga, a good song, a good book, and vacation.”

“Being surrounded by my family & genuine people who care about me.”

“Music.” “Puppies, ice cream, and my little sisters.”

“When I make other people happy or when I achieve a goal.”

“My best friends and my brother.”

“Getting into bed after a long day.”

“Good grades, sleep, working out, being around family.”

“My dogs!”

“Letters from my boyfriend!! (He is at U.S. Marine boot camp right now)

“The fact that my best friend and I can go months without speaking and just pick up a conversation like we were never apart. I know that wherever I am in the world, she loves me and I love her!"

“Writing, dollar iced coffee at Dunkin, sushi, tacos, wine that doesn’t give you a hangover, etc.”

“My sisters, friends, and ice cream.”

“My mom and I making cookies together during Christmas time and the smell of the warm chocolate chip cookies as they come out of the oven, stepping on crisp leaves as a cool breeze brushes over your back in late October, and watching all the leaves slowly turn to beautiful yellows and reds.”

“Family, friends, music, and good food.”

“My mom, my boyfriend, music, Christmas time, and wine night with my girlfriends.”

“The color yellow, my boyfriend, and Halloween!”

“My parents, music, friends, mac & cheese, and Netflix.”

“Getting a pumpkin iced coffee from Dunkin while catching up with friends.”

“Sitting in my apartment with all of my roommates watching our favorite shows!”

“Nature walks and a hot cup of tea.”

“Dancing and singing around the kitchen to oldies while cooking and drinking wine.”

“Being surrounded by people that love me and make me laugh.”

“Seeing my friends and family succeed.”

“Spending time with people who are positive and fun to be around. Something that my mom and I always do together when I’m stressed or in a bad mood is shopping!”

“City skylines lit up at night, Christmas parties, ordering clothes online and having them fit all perfectly.”

“My friends!”

“Making other people happy.”

“Family, friends, socializing, traveling, a good book, face masks, movies, Netflix, and exercise xx.”

“Snowflake makes me happy.”                                         

“Coffee, animals, and being able to help others.”



“Doing something I didn’t think I could do.”

“Driving with good music playing!”

“Family and family events like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.”

“Riding my horses.”

“Being productive and crossing off my to do list!”

“Family, friends, seeing new things, and music.”


“Self motivation.”


There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. Don’t forget, it’s the little things in life.


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