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The Signs as Iconic Lana Del Rey Lyrics

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As an Aquarius, the close of our season is always a good time to reflect, and one of the concepts I’ve thought on is how little I truly know about astrology. I wanted to look deeper at each sign and use what I learned to create an interesting and fun article for readers. Lana Del Rey is a Cancer, which is quite obvious in the themes of most of her songs being about some sort of treacherous love. Using what I have taken in, I’ve compiled a list matching each sign with a Lana Del Rey lyric. I have a lot left to learn when it comes to our signs and birth chart, but I hope you can enjoy the songs I introduce; after all, Lana can do no wrong!


“Money is the anthem of success, so put on your mascara and party dress” (National Anthem)

This Lana lyric encapsulates the self-reliant, clever and calm nature of an Aquarius. An Aquarius knows all they need to be successful in life is the means to do so: money. To get there, they’re willing to do what it takes and they do so with ease.


“Let me love you like a woman” (Let Me Love You Like a Woman)

The Sagittarius is confident in their abilities and knows their worth. They’ll take you on adventures and introduce you to concepts you never could’ve thought of on your own. That is what makes this Lana lyric is good for a Sag, they are compassionate and loyal and all of that inside of a woman is the best kind of love one can ask for.


“I want money, power, and glory” (Money, Power and Glory)

The Capricorn is hard-working and driven by their passions, while also being inspired by the life around them. This Lana line, specifically the word “glory,” perfectly embodies this trait.


“I’ve got a war in my mind” (Ride)

The Aries is a quick-to-action sign, whether that be out of frustration or relentless determination. War does not necessarily need to always be a bad thing, which is why I believe this lyric is descriptive of them. Having a war in your mind is better than having nothing, which is why they are such good leaders.


“He said to ‘be cool,’ but I’m already the coolest” (National Anthem)

Libras are extensively friendly people, so trying to “fit in” comes naturally. This line always cracks me up because it shows how Lana, and Libras, do not need to try to be liked by others—it happens organically. They crave harmony and peace, or, in other words, coolness.


“I just want a secret life, where you and I can get bored out of our minds” (Secret Life)

Scorpios crave mystery and passion and are intensely loyal to those they love and care for. This line connects to the Scorpio because the idea of getting away with someone they love and doing nothing, surrounded by nothing, sounds like a dream.


“I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage” (Ultraviolence)

The Virgo is notoriously a perfectionist, which some would consider the “poison” in them. Being systematic and practical is not always the terrible characteristic it is made out to be, it makes them driven and intelligent beyond their time. They’re eager to master tasks and concepts and make the best out of their situation.


“‘If you’re not drinkin’ then you’re not playin'” (West Coast)

The Taurus is incredibly stubborn, which is something I suffer from firsthand with my boyfriend. (Yes, I said suffer.) Choosing this line was simple because I can almost hear him saying something similar. Aside from that, they are incredibly social and love to have fun with others. This line from Lana highlights the inclusion, liquid courage, and slight anger Taurus are susceptible to.


“But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good” (Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood)

Pisces are incredibly emotional beings, and only want to put good into the world and to get that back. This Lana lyric is her almost begging to not be taken for granted in a world of harsh beings. They are often the drama of the situation unintentionally, so this line of Lana saying even though she may not have done good, she did not mean to, furthers this.


“Because you’re young, you’re wild, you’re free. Dancin’ in circles around me” (Cruel World)

Gemini’s are fun and extroverted. They crave excitement, and this Lana line does a good job of explaining a Gemini in their prime. Gemini’s can also be unreliable in some aspects, so being wild can come naturally. They are free and curious for all life has to offer.


“Boy, look at you, looking at me” (High by the Beach)

The Leo lives for their own beauty, inside and out. They are aware of when others are fond of them as well and never question it. They are also brutally honest, so a Leo saying this exact line to someone is not far off.


“I would be anything for you, babe, blessed is this union, crying tears of gold like lemonade” (Ultraviolence)

Cancer’s are caring and loyal so much so that they can be at their demise. They can be overly sensitive, just like Lana saying she’d do anything for this person and she’s so blessed that she is crying. They crave comfort, and the best place to find that for them is in the arms of the one who loves them the most.

I loved learning more about all of the signs and making my own connections to each one; getting to listen to what felt like a million Lana songs weren’t terrible either. Astrology can be so broad and interpreted in all kinds of ways, which makes it so fun. Give a couple of these songs a listen, and you won’t be sorry.

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