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It’s hard to try and find the right place to study that fits you and what you need in order to concentrate. Some people need complete silence and isolation in order to focus, while others prefer there to be noise and people around. If you are having trouble finding the right place to study, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few cute study spots you should check out around BloNo.

1. Coffee Hound – Uptown + DOWNTOWN Bloomington

With locations in Uptown and Bloomington, Coffee Hound is the perfect spot to go whether you want to stay close to campus or take a short drive. Both cafes come with free wifi and a bakery if you wanted something to snack on while you study. You can choose from various seating in the cafe, such as a seat on the couch, at a table, high-top table, or even outside. The popular coffee shop even just came out with their fall menu, so I suggest you try them out when you visit!

2. Gloria Jean’s – Normal

This hidden gem is located just north of campus at 1609 Northbrook Dr in Normal. This place comes with comfy seating inside and outlets at each table. Since this place is a bit off campus, it’s not that busy. So, if you study best when it’s quiet this place is just for you. Not to mention the free wifi and cute merchandise you can buy at the door. Gloria Jean’s is known for their great chillers, so make sure to try one. Plus you get a student discount, so be sure to bring your ID!

3. Starbucks – Uptown, Normal, + Bloomington

Of course, how could I not mention studying at Starbucks? For the die-hard Starbucks drinkers, this is for you. Each Starbucks comes equipped with a variety of table sizes. So if you want to study solo or with a couple of friends you can! Each table typically has at least one nearby outlet for you to use. Starbucks does also have free wifi for everyone. One great thing about studying at Starbucks is that they typically close later than most coffee shops. The Starbucks on Raab closes at 9:00 pm. They even open pretty early if you’re looking for a sunrise study sesh!

4. Crafted – Bloomington

Now this one has to be my favorite! Crafted is about a 15-minute drive from campus and is such a great study space for those who prefer quieter study environments. This place has great coffee and free wifi! The inside of Crafted is spacious with table seating and the outside has seating as well. There is also a second-floor outside patio that you could use as well! This is also a great place to go with friends to play volleyball or head to the full bar. They went all-out with outdoor Halloween and fall decorations on the patio for you to take cute pictures!

5. Fusion Brew – Normal

Just across from the Campus Recreational Center is Fusion Brew. This place is known for its bubble tea, but that’s not all. You can also get tea, coffee, or just something to snack on. There is one room where customers can order and wait for their drinks and the next room is filled with seating. Many people choose to study here because it is really close to campus!

6. Coffeehouse & Deli – Uptown

Located right in Uptown, Coffeehouse & Deli is a great space to focus and study. They have plentiful seating to choose from inside and outside. This place also serves breakfast dishes, so you could study and eat before class. Their coffee is great—I especially like their iced chai tea latte! There’s also merchandise you can purchase at the front and art for sale on the wall by a local artist. They offer accessible outlets and free wifi as well.

Kailyn Coleman

Illinois State '23

Hey! My name is Kailyn. I am a Junior at Illinois State and I am majoring in Speech Language Pathology! I love to meet new people, travel, and visit local small businesses :)
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