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Ten Times Salem the Cat is Oddly Relatable

If you did not know, Sabrina the Teenage Witch series is currently streaming on Hulu, you’re welcome.


This was for me and maybe you too, a staple show throughout my childhood. The thing I am realizing watching this now, much older, is how similar my college self is to Salem the cat.


Yes, many times throughout the show Salem the black cat is oddly relatable, here are some of those moments in our lives today:


When you have had a bad day and just need a good meal:



When you online shop a little too much:



When you have FOMO of not going out on a Saturday then realize how much cozier it is to be at home:



When you’re having a bad hair day:



When you have to tell your friends to stop texting that awful boy:



When you get left on read, or ignored in the group chat:



When you have more than $10 dollars in your bank account:



When you’re on AUX:



When someone asks the tiniest favor from you:



Ten minutes after you have a freak out moment:



Salem the cat is honestly hilarious and randomly relatable. I think we all have a little Salem in us sometimes, whether we like to admit it or not!




Kate Chapman

Illinois State '19

Hi everyone, my name is Kate Chapman and I am a HC Illinois State editor-in-chief! I am a senior journalism student at Illinois State University and have found I have a passion for incorporating fashion and beauty into my writing and work. Check out my blog (misskatechapman.com) or follow me on Instagram @misskatechapman to connect!
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