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If you are not a registered “Styler” (the Harry Styles fandom title), you will be soon. It has been two and a half years since Harry Style’s debut solo album, Harry Styles, hit the charts and completely dominated the summer of ‘17. Now, we have waited long enough and it is high time for some new Styles sounds. 

Harry has put out a new single titled Lights Up along with a music video which features Harry very shirtless (swoon) and sweaty (double swoon). That’s not all though; the video is a fast-paced mashup of scenes from what looks like an abandoned beach at midnight, to the back of a mystery-person’s motorcycle, to the center of a dancer-strewn lawn. The video already has almost 18 million views on YouTube. Throughout the song, Mr. Styles has one question: Do you know who you are?

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Well, we know who Harry Styles is; a man with a heart of gold. During ‘Harry Styles Live on Tour’ in 2017, fans were in love with the merchandise that adorned the phrase “Treat People With Kindness”. Now, the slogan has expanded a full campaign and a portion of merchandise and ticket sales from all of Harry’s tours will be donated to a charity of Harry’s choosing in every city he tours in. On his website, you can take a look at the 63 charities that he is partnering with.

Fans have been speculating that a new album is in the works. There have been posters and billboards of the phrase “DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?” plastered in white letters across a black background, along with the logo for the TPWK campaign spotted in cities across America. 

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Along with that, there is an entire website dedicated to letting Stylers know who they are. You enter your name and receive a special individual message from Harry himself. Here was mine:



No dates have been set for the new album, but it is safe to say we will be waiting (and praying) impatiently for the announcement. 


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