Starbucks v. Dunkin

As a college student, living off of coffee is a must. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter studying for a test, got stuck in an 8 a.m. all semester, or you’re just plain addicted to caffeine, we all have our favorite coffee shops. Even though I’m a gold member at Starbucks, I have to admit that I love happy hour at Dunkin. Some prefer Dunkin and others love Starbucks. But why?! Coffee is just coffee right? Well, not exactly. Even though both of these places finally have pumpkin drinks again, they both have their pros and cons:



Starbucks: The cute drinks and cups are perfect for Instagram, which ultimately means guaranteed likes.Dunkin: A cute sprinkled doughnut through the straw of an iced coffee is also a favorable Insta post.


Starbucks: $5 drinks. All day, every day.Dunkin: Happy hour. 3-6 p.m., 99 cent large iced coffees.


Starbucks: A large menu which offers just about any coffee you could dream of, leading you to trying something new every time you walk through the door.Dunkin: A smaller menu where you have a favorite and stick to it.

Starbucks: The secret menu… which is really just a way of getting you to pay the price of add-ons.Dunkin: Adding sugar, cream, or a swirl is no additional price.

Starbucks: Gold member status means getting a personalized gold card and a free drink for every dozen drinks you buy.Dunkin: Anyone can be a member of DD Perks and you instantly receive a free drink for signing up.


Starbucks: A cozy environment, perfect for long study sessions or doing homework.Dunkin: The fast paced workers will get you in and out in no time.


Starbucks: The reality of being a gold member is spending around $60 for 12 drinks just to get a free one.Dunkin: You can get 60 drinks for $60 during happy hour.


Starbucks: A venti iced coffee is 20 ounces.Dunkin: A large iced coffee is 32 ounces.



Whether you’re a green straw lover or an orange straw lover, both stores have their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s be honest, all that really matters is that you get your daily coffee.