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In our transition from dreary winter to beautiful spring 60-degree days, dates can be tough…especially if they are weather dependent! In this article, I have provided a few indoor/outdoor date ideas for you and your loved one to enjoy during our spring season.

Art Museum/aquarium date: Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium and Art Museum provides a lovely setting for a romantic getaway. Tickets for the aquarium are usually around 20-25 dollars, and the Chicago Art Institution tickets average just around 35 dollars per person. It’s a little on the pricier side, but as long as you are willing to take your time to enjoy the scenery, it’s worth it.

Painting date: Simple, but effective! Painting dates can range from cheap figurines at five below with some art supplies, or you can go all out with an outdoor painting-picnic date! For cost sake, Five Below and Dollar Tree have clay figurines that are not decorated just for you to create your own masterpiece. If you are looking for something a little fancier, you can pick up art pallets/canvases at Hobby Lobby along with some charcuterie snacks. If the weather isn’t cooperative outdoors, no worries! Set up a picnic blanket indoors along with your snacks and paints. In a way, you don’t have to worry about pesky insects getting into your food.

Plant nursery visits: Sweet and simple, spring is the time for plant blooming! Take a stroll through an indoor garden at a local flower shop or a plant nursery. Allow the fresh air from the plants to bring a welcoming vibe to the spring/summer season. If you’re lucky, a few plant nurseries sometimes have cats running around! <3

Paddleboat date: If you live close to a pond, let’s say if you’re close to Naperville, you might luck out with paddleboats. This is a fun, teamwork-related date that will surely leave you with silly memories. A paddleboat is a small boat that is controlled by you – the faster you peddle with your feet the faster the boat will move. Paddleboats are usually 15 dollars an hour to rent, and they’re super fun. (Weather dependent!!)

Farmer’s markets: Similar to a plant nursery, farmer’s markets start to reappear as the weather starts to warm up. Go on the right day, and you’ll find yourselves surrounded by fresh produce and flowers. A lot of sellers will also offer cute decor, or other yummy snacks they come up with themselves. Free to attend, and just overall fun to stroll around in! This might be a date closer to the middle or end of the spring season, but it’s a cute idea.

To wrap this article up, sometimes April showers don’t allow us to have a lot of options when it comes to a warm night out. Hopefully, this article brings forth a few ideas that will lead you and your significant other to make new memories, and maybe find a new place to love. Happy spring!

Vivienne Hughes

Illinois State '22

A future author for HER Campus! I love to focus around mental, physical, and emotional wellness, and all topics in are current day and age.