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Spring Break Regrets


It came, it went and you conquered… well, maybe. Whether you were enjoying your “staycation” here in Blo-No or partying it up on a beautiful beach somewhere, I’m sure your spring break was wonderful. But Spring Break 2014 has come and gone in a flash and now we must accept the final eight weeks of classes are upon us. Being the “I’ll do it tomorrow” schedule is amazing while it lasts, when it’s over we’re all left with many of the same regrets.

1. Lack of sleep

We can all relate to this one — every college student dreams of more sleep and no homework but when it really comes down to it, we are creatures of habit and sleep is just not in our routine. Whether you were out at the bars or scrolling through Twitter, bedtime wasn’t before 2 a.m. Now that we are back on the grind, we all wish we could have taken advantage of the extra sleep. 

2. Doing absolutely no homework

We all had a plan. The plan was to finish our homework before break was over and even get ahead in our classes. It was a beautiful plan — in our heads at least. Face it… You didn’t open your computer for anything more than online shopping this break. You always thought that it could wait until tomorrow and now here we are finally back at school, and your homework is still not done.

3. Money

Remember that beautiful and glorious time before spring break when you had extra money to spend? Well, let’s face it that time is gone and so is all your spare cash. Time to start saving again.

4. Over Consuming

Jamie Foxx said it best when he sang, “Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol.” Not only did consuming a little more than normal hurt our wallet, but our dignity too. After the weeklong binge drinking session, all you have now is to look back at the photos and try and recover from the lingering hangover. Maybe a week full of binge drinking wasn’t necessarily the best idea, but let’s face it… the same thing is going to happen next year. Let the good times roll, CHEERS!

5. Late night snacks


What goes best with binge drinking? YUP, the “4th meal.” A week off school isn’t the only thing most of us were taking a break from. Dieting and working out came to a major halt this spring break as the pizza and fast food became a main food group. Well, thank goodness for ISU’s Rec to get us back on track!

Looking back on spring break, you may realize that you should have done a few things differently, however, you’re only in college once so don’t be too hard on yourself. Until next year…

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Grace Masching

Illinois State

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