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The Songs That Really Dominated Your Friends’ Summer

If you ask anyone, I’m sure they’ll tell you that this past summer has been a bit different than the summers of previous years. But whether you have been stuck at home all summer or not, music is something that is always there. The summer always brings out both new and old songs that everyone can enjoy, and this summer was no different when it comes to that. In order to figure out which songs encompassed the summer mood, I made it my goal to ask as many friends as possible which songs were the ones that dominated their summer.

Dynamite - BTS

Whether you are a fan of K-pop or not, this new single from BTS is something that everyone can fall in love with and it’s full of opportunities to get up and dance. Completely in English, which means plenty of chances to sing along, this song incorporates the perfect disco pop vibe for a fun summer.

Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles

From the song to the music video, “Watermelon Sugar” brings everything that is summer and combines it. The flow of a guitar, strawberries and watermelon, a day at the beach, and Harry Styles’ vocals; what more is needed?

Someone to You - BANNERS

While this song may be from 2017, a Tik Tok revival has given this song a second life. Something about this song just makes you want to take an adventure with your best friend, driving with the windows down and singing along. 

OK - Wallows

Wallows does an incredible job at creating indie pop that just makes you want to dance around your bedroom and “OK” is no exception. It’s guaranteed that you will want to keep listening to this song over and over again.

Rain On Me - Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

Now this is a tune that fits a fun night out with friends, but since that’s not happening with social distancing, you can go ahead and throw yourself a party for one. Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande never fail to create collaborations that exceed everyone’s expectations.

Sunday Best - Surfaces

Here we have another popular song with an appearance on Tik Tok and “Sunday Best” will definitely make you smile. Everything about this song gives off positive vibes, especially the lyrics, so listen carefully. This is a song that can pick you up when you’re feeling down and turn your whole day around.

Love In My Pocket - Rich Brian, ft. eaJ

Rich Brian has created a song that mixes the sound of synth-pop from the 80s with modern beats, and lyrics, and this song has no better fit than as a song for the summer. This combination creates a feel-good song that’s perfect for singing all around the house.

the 1 - Taylor Swift

One of the biggest musical shocks of the summer was Taylor Swift’s announcement of an album, with less than a 24-hour notice for her fans. She creates an ethereal and calm feel with her first track, the 1. This track may be a departure from the upbeat, expected songs of the summer, but it fits perfectly for a relaxed, content summer.

Tangerine - Glass Animals

Glass Animals is at it again with their alternative pop beats that create the ideal, chill atmosphere, fitting for a stay-at-home summer. “Tangerine” is just one of the songs off their new album, Dreamland.

Lose Somebody - Kygo, One Republic

Kygo and One Republic have come together to create an emotional ballad that’s mixed with electronic beats for a song that has the best of both worlds. Whether you’re having the best summer, or a not-so-great summer, this is a song you can turn to.

Honorable Mentions:

Lent – Autoheart

Say So – Doja Cat

Borderline – Tame Impala

Adore You – Harry Styles

Cruel Summer – Taylor Swift

Instead of My Room – Charlie Burg

7 Summers – Morgan Wallen

Freakin’ Out On the Interstate – Briston Maroney

Do It – Chloe x Halle

Midnight Sky – Miley Cyrus

While this summer may be coming to an end, these are songs that you can listen to and then get thrown right back into the summer mood. So, while you’re stressing over homework or driving home from work, go ahead and turn these tunes on and pretend it is summer all over again.

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