Songs to Listen to for an Instant Serotonin Boost

Think of a time where you felt truly free and happy. For me, I think of driving around on some back roads, windows down while taking in all that is around me (an added bonus would be if it's right around sunset). To make that moment in time even more special, I always have a playlist ready to fit the mood. These playlists have songs in them that are automatic serotonin boosts in and of themselves. Just three seconds in, and I already know that my mood and day will be brightened. There are so many songs that can cause this feeling, but I have a few that I think are top tier to me.

  1. This song really does bring me no depression. It’s extremely relatable and a great, smooth pick-me-up for any bad day. 

  2. Spotify on iPhone

    If you want a small blast to the past, this song is perfect. It’s upbeat and has a sweet little surprise towards the end that will send right back to the old days.

  3. It really is the little things that bring me serotonin, including this song. It’s catchy and great for jamming out to with your volume up high. 

  4. This song automatically makes me picture dancing in the kitchen with someone I love for the rest of my life. The love story within it can bring out the love within anyone.

  5. Need a reminder to start off your day with a positive mindset? This is the song that will fulfill that need.

  6. Summer Field

    Summer is right around the corner, but while you wait, this song can bring excitement for sunshine for you in the meantime. 

  7. This is a song that I can easily blast on my radio and just jam out for a moment. It is an ultimate mood booster.

  8. I know many of us are still young, but this song makes me think of all the good times that I have had in my life. He goes through his memories of growing up, which gets you thinking of all your memories too and all the ones you still get to make.

Each and every one of these songs has something special to them that instantly makes me feel better. They all have their different lyrics and meanings, and they all fit for each and every one of my moods. If you like any of these songs or want to hear more that are similar, check out some of my playlists on Spotify that I have linked below.


The Good Stuff Playlist

Serotonin Summer Playlist