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So You’re Throwing a Fit Over The Oscars?

So you’re throwing a fit over The Oscars? You didn’t think that movie should have won, or that actor was not even good in that film! Well here is some news for you, get over it.

I am not usually one to tell people to get over their opinions, but every single year, I see on my Facebook feed somebody complaining that The Oscars are prestigious, or that getting an Oscar does not matter, but it seems to be mattering to you if you found the time to complain about who won.

The Oscars are a big award ceremony for a reason. It is a huge honor to receive an Oscar, it is actually the highest award somebody can win in the movie category. When an actor gets an Oscar, they are sought after and receive higher pay versus an actor without an Oscar.

Whether you like it or not, The Oscars are important, and there is a reason that people make such a big deal about them. So what, you did not think they deserved to win an Oscar, Leonardo DiCaprio got nominated 5 times before winning an Oscar, I’m sure he thought who he lost to did not deserve one either, but you do not see him trashing The Academy Awards!

Sunday night was the 89th Academy Awards and just because who you wanted to win did not, does not mean that The Oscars are trash. After 89 years it is still going strong, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.


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Karys Crandell

Illinois State

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