So You Love Online Shopping a Little Too Much...

So you love online shopping a little too much...  I myself am a bit crazy when it comes to online shopping. Browsing through an online boutique is all fun and games until all of a sudden, your shopping cart is at 20 items.


But hey, at least we can admit it’s a problem some of us have, and at least it’s a good problem! Here are some of the thoughts and feelings us lovers of online shopping have!


When you discover a new online boutique that’s super cute AND cheap…

When you’re caught online shopping in class instead of taking notes

When you receive an email from an online boutique with a discount code or sale

When the boutique has a timer for the sale and there’s only 15 minutes left… better hurry up!

When you try to figure out your size and maybe even get out the measuring tape

When they’re sold out of your size

When you’re just ten dollars away from free shipping


When you realize your cart has 30 items in it and now you have to make cuts for your final purchase

When you confirm your order and receive the confirmation email

When your package delivers

When something ends up not fitting quite right

When someone tells you that you have a shopping problem…and you know it’s true


When it comes down to it, online shopping is the best. Being a busy college student who doesn’t have a great mall nearby, it’s truly a blessing, so embrace your online shopping addiction. Happy shopping!