Scott Kuehn '14

Photo Credits: Lindsay Nardini

In Honor of ISU Homecoming we are introducing our very own Illinois State Football Player!
Meet Scott Kuehn: An exercise science major with a passion for football from Aurora, and who is single, might I add. Scott is the wide receiver for our very own Redbird football team. He turned the big 22 this past Friday and helped us bring home a win against Western Illinois. Happy Birthday Scott! I had the honor of meeting this super sweet Campus Cutie and the chance to ask him some questions: 
HerCampus ISU: How long have you been playing football?
Scott Kuehn: I’ve been playing since I was in sixth grade, all through high school and college. 
HC: What is your favorite part of Homecoming?
SK: Playing in the game of course, and the celebration afterwards. 
HC: What is your favorite thing about football?
SK: I would say the excitement we had from fans at our first game of the season and hoping that it continues.
HC: What do you love most about ISU?
SK: I love how it has a big school feel but its not too small.
HC: Do you ever get nervous before a big game?
SK: Oh, always. It usually goes away, thought, after you make your first out on the field. 
HC: What do you do before right before a game?
SK: Listen to music for sure. We do our warm ups and get pumped up.
HC: So… then you must have a pump up song?
SK: Right now it’s “Mad City” by Kendrick Lamar.
HC: What do you do when you’re not at practices or workouts?
SK: Well I work at a gym as a sports performance trainer. When I’m not working I am usually studying.
Ripped and Studious… yes ladies, he is single ;) 
HC: Describe your ideal date.
SK: Hmm… I would say dinner at a reasonably nice restaurant and a long walk afterwards and just talk. 
HC: Your dream girl, what would she be like? 
SK: Someone who is intellectually challenging, not too high maintenance, likes to have fun and of course, a basic knowledge about football. If she doesn’t know the difference between offense and defense, we might have a deal breaker. If I can find a girl who has a fantasy football league, I would know she’s a keeper. 
HC: What is the nicest thing you have ever done for a girl?
SK: Probably my senior prom. I was dating a girl and I asked her to go with me using a trail of rose petals and candles. 
Ok, so he’s a romantic too!!?