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Rihanna Celebrates One year Anniversary of Fenty Beauty

One of the best makeup lines ever made celebrates its one year anniversary! Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Makeup line is perfect for all skin colors and types. Today when most people think of Rihanna, they think of an iconic pop star. She launched this makeup line because she saw how many other makeup lines lacked having colors for all skin types. She launched it “so that women everywhere would be included.” A big problem for women today is finding the right foundations, eyeshadows, or anything in the makeup field for your skin color. In Rihanna’s collection there are 40 shades of foundation, and all of her makeup is 100% cruelty free! How much better could that get? Included in her Fenty line are lip glosses, lipsticks, primers, eyeshadows, highlighters, contour, and brushes. All of these products are amazing.


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Some of Rihanna’s favorites are the gloss bomb, contour stix, and the eyeshadow palette. The gloss bomb is absolutely amazing! This gloss is clear and sparkly. It’s around $18 to $20 and it works great on your lips. It’s so pretty and smooth, unlike other glosses that make your lips feel sticky and come off really fast. Another one of her favorites which is really good are the contour stixs. These stixs include contour, conceal, and highlight. There are four different types for each skin color. These stixs are $54, but are worth all the money you spend on them! They are lightweight and leave a shimmer to your face all day. The last of her favorites is the eyeshadow palette. In the eyeshadow palette is 16 shades and its around $60. These shadows are excellent at blending and go well with anyones skin color.


Via: pinterest

I highly suggest trying out the Fenty Beauty makeup line if you haven’t tried it yet! You won’t have to keep applying makeup throughout the day because once you put some on, it stays on fresh all day. It’s also lightweight so you won’t feel like you have a bunch of makeup caked up on your face. This is one of the best makeup lines that I’ve ever used so I hope you all try it!

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