Ridiculous Trump Tweets

I know during the election time we all had to choose a side - per usual. All I have to say when it comes down to our current President, he sure doesn't act like one. He acts more so like he’s a 5-year-old when he doesn't get his way, especially in his tweets.

Twitter is a Social Network where, yes, people can turn to so they can express themselves in a couple sentences. But a President, in my opinion, should maybe act a little more his age especially while in office. Even the media and news stations are always turning to Trump’s twitter for some laughter.

So, here’s a list of just some of ridiculous tweets from Trump:

1. “Fake News”!

I guess the only news that’s okay is the facts from him and only him.

2. But wait, he’ll make sure to back the “fake news” up with his own evidence!

3. Don’t worry, Trumps button is HUGE!

And he’s proud of it too!

4. I guess Trump is into the “magical stuff”

5. Covfefe?

But do you President Trump know? Or is it one of the words from your “special” dictionary?

6. Bashes on Oprah

Sorry Trump, Oprah was most likely doing what you do when you explain and talk about your information/facts.

7. Boxers or Briefs?

In case you didn't know…

8. Trumps sleep patterns are GREAT!

Trump is the only one whose sleep patterns are amazing, everyone else’s sucks – DUH!

9. The way Trump sleeps

No need to fret! Our Presidents sleep position is perfect – like an angle!

9. Trumps Health = AMAZING!

Don't worry, Trump has the best health results out there! I guess that's why he kept with the spray-tan route instead of using a tanning bed.

10. Ice cream?

All the other flavors are terrible because Trump likes vanilla with HUGE sprinkles, I guess he like HUGE things!

11. Obama

According to Trumps “sources”, Obama has a fake birth certificate. I guess all the background checks during Obama's presidential time, nobody ever thought to look at his birth certificate. Maybe his sources that mentioned Covfefe to him.

12. The Oscars

I guess Trump has always had the dream of being an actor, his dream sadly didn't come true, so he of course has to bash the Oscars to make him feel better. But it's okay because Jimmy Kimmel doesn't let the fame of being President go to his head too much!

You have your own opinion on our President for different reasons. But I think we can all agree that he doesn't use Twitter in the right way, especially if he is representing the United States of America. A President should definitely watch what they say on Social Media because it will come back to them to bite them in the butt – deleting a comment or tweet doesn't actually get rid of it either.