Reminiscing On My Greek Getaway

Not ready to say goodbye to summer... I know it's the start of fall, but I just love summer, vacationing, and talking all about it! Two years ago, I traveled outside of the country for the first time ever in my life. My family and I visited the beautiful country of Greece and experienced island hopping within the six weeks that we were there. I reconnected with family members that I haven't seen in years, and even met others that I had only seen in family albums. From the rich culture to the luxurious beaches to the delicious variety of food, Greece can be described as the BEST vacation destination. Enjoy a few pictures (taken by me) of my favorite spots that should be visited while touring Greece- OPA!


Andros Beach

Aegean island of Patmos

Religious island of Tinos

"Undiscovered" island of Serifos

View from the amazing Acropolis