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Recap of the New Kardashian Hulu Series

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Last week was the first episode premiere of the Kardashian’s new reality show airing on Hulu. The Kardashians take a new approach to redefining reality TV’s royal family and give each member a more personal look into their life.  

Although I sometimes hesitate to admit it, reality TV is a guilty pleasure of mine, and the Kardashians are at the top of my favorites recently. Although it’s probably no coincidence, the timing of this release could not have been more anticipated. WIth the KimYe and Pete Davidson drama at the center of the Kardashian universe, fans are quite eager to tune in to hear what the Kardashian family will spill. 

So, how was the first episode of The Kardashians different from the previous Keeping Up With the Kardashians series? Kim had mentioned in a few promotional interviews that this new series gives a more intimate look into each family member’s daily life, and I think I would have to agree and say that this was one of the more unique parts of the Hulu series. With the family almost doubling in size since the last few episodes of KUWTK, the Kardashian kids have a lot of screen time and play a much larger role in this series. 

For the fans, the Kardashian family also gives plenty of screen time to Kourtney’s new relationship with musician Travis Barker. The couple shares plenty of affection in the series and shows how the couple has worked to blend both of their families consisting of five children. This new relationship, however, brings along a familiar storyline with Scott Disick—Kourtney’s baby daddy, and ex-partner for over ten years. Scott, as many fans will recall, has never been shy of any family drama within the Kardashian universe. This new series is no different and is sure to show Scott’s hesitation with Kourtney’s new love affair, as well as how this intertwines with the lives of their children. 

Essentially, long-time Kardashian fans can expect just as much drama as they have been introduced to over the previous 20 seasons of Keeping up With the Kardashians. For me, this new series of the family almost just seemed to be a grown-up version of both the family as well as the show’s production. Although reality TV understandably may not be everybody’s cup of tea, The Kardashian empire in this industry is timeless. Over varying generations and demographics, the Kardashians have had no struggle staying relevant trendsetters. Love them or hate them, they’re still on top. 

Eileen Quinn

Illinois State '23