Reasons to listen to Khalid’s Free Spirit Album

Khalid is an popular R&B/Soul music artist who just came out with his third album called “Free Spirit”. Khalid became really big when his single, “Location”, came out and everyone loved it! His album “Free Spirit” came out April 3rd and has 17 songs. Featured on this album include Safe and John Mayer. Now you might be wondering what's so special about this album, but you're in luck because I’m going to tell you!

Khalid has a message in every single song on his album. It’s always good to listen to music that has an actual meaning to it and that you can relate to. Also, most music today has no type of meaning and they just say random things in songs, but this album is completely different.

His album has such a peaceful vibe. You can really turn this album on shuffle and listen to it while you study or do homework. All of his songs have a flow to them throughout the album, so it’s not like you’re just listening to a bunch of random songs. Also, the beat in all of his songs are AMAZING and he really put in some hard work into this album. Khalid has great vocals and sings really well in every song.

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In conclusion, Khalid’s album “Free Spirit” is a great album, especially if you need something peaceful to listen to. Even if you’re looking for a new album to check out! Khalid definitely doesn’t disappoint with any of his music.

Kai Johnson

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