Rating Celebrity Halloween costumes

Rating celebrity costumes has always been one of my favorite parts of the Halloween season. This year, some of my favorite celebrities went all out, so here is what I would rate their costumes: 

  1. 1. Kylie Jenner: 8/10

    Kylie’s costume was very well put together, but at the same time, I was definitely expecting more from her than just a basic Power Ranger. In a collab with James Charles earlier in the month, she was hyping her costume up quite a bit, and I was excited to see it! But, from the one picture that she posted in it, I was definitely a little disappointed with the lack of originality. 

  2. 2. Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch and Camila Mendes: 10/10 

    The iconic trio from Riverdale very much surprised me with their costume choice this year. Their “Powerpuff Girls” costume was very simple and cute while also being functional. I personally thought that they were right on point with their outfits.  

  3. 3. Cole Sprouse: 9/10

    Cole definitely popped off this year, with his Man in the Yellow Hat costume inspired by “Curious George.” Not only did he just look really good, he actually matched all his yellows together, which earned him a few extra bonus points. However, I’m taking off a point for the lack of a real monkey. 

  4. 4. James Charles: 7/10

    James’ outfit was very on-brand for him. He loves the spooky season, so it made sense for him to dress up like Billy from the SAW movies. His makeup was done pretty well, but he’s getting a 7/10 because the picture that he posted just wasn’t very coherent. All his friends dressed up like spooky villains, which was cute, but I definitely think a different picture would have done the costume more justice.

  5. 5. David Dobrik: 11/10

    David Dobrik won Halloween this year with his costume dedicated to the dad from Caillou. He absolutely nailed every single detail of the outfit. If you Google dad from Caillou, David was wearing exactly that outfit right down to the shoes.  

  6. 6. Emma Chamberlain: 2/10

    I love Emma, I really do, but this “costume” did NOT do it for me. Emma went as Coraline this year, which is a trendy and cute idea, but all she did for the outfit was put on a yellow rain jacket and a blue wig. It just seemed very lazy to me, and I know she could’ve done a lot better if she tried.

  7. 7. Liza Koshy: 10/10

    Liza dressed up as Aang from “Avatar the Last Airbender,'' and it was spot on. From the bald head with a blue arrow on it to the robes that Aang wears, she got every detail right. Not only did she dress up, but she also took her fit above and beyond, and remade the opening scene from the show.    

I’m sure there were plenty of other celebrities that dressed up for the holiday but these were the ones that I saw the most. But, now with spooky season being officially over, I would like to be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas.