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Pure Nostalgia – 10 Childhood TV Shows You Probably Loved.

There are so many things that we forget about as we grow up, but when we come across them again we go “Awwe I remember that.” There’s a feeling of comfort and warmth that comes with reminiscing about childhood toys, TV shows, music, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re actually remembering something or if it was just a weird dream. That is the case for me with some of the TV shows I vaguely remember watching as a 4-year-old. Here are 10 TV shows you probably loved as a kid!​

Dragon Tales I know you remember watching this in the morning as you waited to go to afternoon pre-school.

I know you remember watching this in the morning as you waited to go to afternoon pre-school.


These babies had more going on in their lives than I do now. If you feel like taking a road down memory lane, they have Rugrats movies on Netflix!

Max & Ruby! 

One of the cutest brother-sister relationships. Max was always getting into trouble, but Ruby was there to help. 

Ed, Ed, ‘N Eddy

This one always makes me think of watching TV with my older brothers when we were younger. I think they also had a website with games for this show that I loved.

Spongebob Squarepants

Duh. This is one of my guilty pleasures to this day. There’s nothing like waking up on the weekend and watching Spongebob in the morning. Some of the new episodes are questionable, but the old ones are classic.


I can’t say I remember a ton about this show. I just know I watched it and enjoyed it as a child and you probably did too at one point. This was also a book!

Tom and Jerry

Even with no dialogue this show sure did say a lot and was hilarious.

The Amanda Show

This show had so many nickelodeon favorite stars in it. It was almost like a kids version of Saturday Night Live. The skits were funny and Amanda Bynes was so entertaining.

Zoey 101

The show that made everyone want to go to a private high school that looked like a college.

Lizzie McGuire

The first girl to have her own bitmoji! They are actually planning a reboot of this show right now. So exciting! Hopefully it lives up to our expectations.

Nothing like a trip down memory lane and remembering the reasons you made certain choices as a kid. Believe it or not, these are some of the people or characters that shaped us as kids! The fashion, humor, and life-lessons built into these shows inspired our young minds. I’m waiting for the day more of these are available to watch on Netflix or Hulu.

Annamarie Schutt

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Annamarie is a senior journalism major. Aside from being the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus ISU, Annamarie also currently reports for TV-10 News and WZND.
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