Profiting from a Nonprofit

When you hear about nonprofit organizations, do you automatically think of charity cases and donating money to help some sort of problem? I used to think this way, but there is much more to nonprofit organizations than donating to causes. Some nonprofits give back to the community and some make meals and give food to the homeless. 

One nonprofit that I have grown very fond of is Pet Central Helps, a no-kill rescue shelter located here in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. This group takes in pets from many places around Illinois and out of state. Most of the time these dogs and cats have been abused, left on the streets and/or have many medical problems that need to be fixed. 

Their mission at Pet Central Helps McLean County is to find homes for all the pets while educating, encouraging and enabling their actions through the public. They do this by hosting many events throughout the year to find homes for the animals and having people donate to help get the animals back to good health. 

I recently started working with this nonprofit for a class. I was unsure at first about how I felt asking for donations and holding events, but now that I have gotten to know about this organization more I have been looking into volunteering more after the class is over. I feel like I profit from working with them because I will be able to see these animals in critical conditions go from their starting point to being healthy and being able to go to a loving home.  

Within the next few months Pet Central Helps will have multiple events for you to be able to donate to their cause or even adopt a pet. There are many adorable cats and dogs looking for loving homes. Plus you’ll be benefiting the organization by giving them more room for new animals and some money for resources to help get the new ones back in better health. 

Some events that will be happening soon are PetSmart adoption events that happen every Saturday at PetSmart in Bloomington. They all take place from 11 am to 2 pm. At these events there are many adoptable animals and ways to donate to the organization. They also will take donations in supplies. Their supply list can be found on their website 

Another event that will be happening next week from 2-4 pm on Friday, October 18 is scrunchies and puppy chow. Each individual item will be $3 or you can get both for $5. There will be table set up inside McCormick Hall. Also, look for a table on the quad. There will be another chance to get scrunchies and puppy chow the following week on Wednesday from 12-3 pm at the same place. If you don’t get a chance to get to these, there will also be Facebook donations available online to help out the organization. Look for the link in my bio at the bottom!

There are many ways people can profit from a nonprofit. Whether it be just feeling good for helping, adopting a puppy, or maybe even landing a job with the organization, everyone is benefiting from all the help. It is a great way to give back to society and you’ll help out any organization by donating or helping out in the slightest.