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The Problem With Modern Day Dating

Living in a hook up culture, we often find ourselves wondering what ever happened to the good old-fashioned dating that we grew up hearing about from our parents?  Knocking on the door to pick you up has turned into a text message saying “here” as your date waits in their car.  Not only has this generation given us a flawed idea of what is considered romantic, but it has also convinced the hopeless romantics that what they are seeking is unrealistic. 

Our generation is scared of dating… but why?  Dating doesn’t have to mean boyfriend and girlfriend.  It doesn’t mean that you need to have a title to your relationship right then and there.  Dating simply means that you express an interest in someone and want to see where it goes.  It literally means you are dating (going on dates) to determine if you want anything further out of it. 

Technology, though it is amazing, has played a big part in this huge shift in the dating culture.  Back when our parents were our age, talking to someone was cherished because it was achieved by either calling someone on the house phone, or showing up at their front door and asking for their parents’ permission to speak to them.  They didn’t have the option of picking up a cellphone and texting someone whenever they wanted.  People now a days feel the need to be communicating with the person they are dating 24/7.  Many people get mad if someone is not responding to their texts fast enough.  Because of this, people feel pressured and think of dating as something much more complicated than it should be.

In old dating, words were more authentic; talk was not cheap.  People these days are so used to using their phone as a crutch to say the stuff to someone that they are too scared to say in person.  Before texting, it took a lot to be able to open up to someone since it had to be face-to-face.  Even though it may be more difficult to open up to someone in person rather than over text, that is what builds relationships and truly shows you someone’s character. 

Dating is so different now; the relationships we see in old movies seem unrealistic…  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Let’s bring back romance because it should never go out of style! 


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