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Hello, royals! I understand the amount of fear that is overpowering all of your heads, households, etc. It is very natural to feel this way during this time. With the United States and other countries using intense measures to control the spread of this virus, we as human beings must remain positive and calm.

For ourselves, and for the ones that are in the most risk of being contaminated, fear and frustration will only haunt this time period. As a commonly spoken truth, “time will heal” and as we move forward, I advise all of us to take deep breathes and look to this as a time to reflect. Reflect on the things most important in your life, the people around you, and how caring we can be toward one another in a time of need.

This is an incredible time in history, one that our generation is sure to see in our children’s history books. And as it is scary, and may not feel historic at this time, we as human beings are not stupid and can overcome this. The way our actions play out will be memories and stories to be told in the future. As we may be scared and confused during this time, finding comfort diminishes our fear. 

I bring forth hope that this will all pass, but as the royals we’ve been raised to be, we are not weak and we can stick together. We lay forth the stories of this event that will be published in the future. How we go about controlling and living through this is what future children of the world will be reading later on. This is an invisible war we are all ready to fight, and as it may not seem that way, I look to this as an opportunity for all of us to truly take care of one another. We all have the strength within us to turn this worldwide fear into a moment of mental meditation and interpretation of our abilities.

There are geniuses out there constantly working on a cure, and medical professionals constantly reviving the ones affected. Please don’t panic, please remain calm, this is a virus that we can survive, and as many have recovered, let their stories be motivation in your mind to stay calm. I understand completely how fearful the unknown can be, and I understand how scary the news is to listen too. The media is just a strict brutal summary of what’s to come, but that does not mean that we should live day to day in fear of each other and ourselves. 

The world is not crumbling, it is just passing into murky moments that will soon clear. Time is our best friend right now, and as much as I say it, the amount of meaning behind it remains true. Remember that during this time, we as progressive beings can overcome it!

Again we are laying down the stepping stones of what we can do in a worldwide situation like this. I don’t think we all want to remember this time as a moment of constant fear and panic. This is a learning experience and together we all will learn how to empathize strongly for one another and come together as a worldwide community. The amount of money we have will not be our savior this time, power will not be a savior, and as all companies come to a temporary close, we are all left with our minds and our hearts, take this time to heal those. 

As we morn for the deaths that have occurred during this time, a cure is coming and the most effective thing is to wait it out peacefully. Please stay in contact with loved ones, friends, neighbors, communities, and help out as much as possible. If your fear is not as intense as others, bring hope to those scared and confused. Remember that our strength increases through understanding, comfort, and love. We as human beings will overcome and prosper into the future with lessons of how we survived this and what we did to surpass this will become historic. Catch up on board games with your family, watch crazy movies, sing outside your windows, and spread positive energy for the ones who need it.

Don’t panic royals, we got this. 

Chrissa Apostolopoulos

Illinois State '20

Chrissa Apostolopoulos is a Senior at Illinois State University "As a first-generation Greek Feminist, I write my articles as a respectful listener and advocated speaker for all persons. I open the platform for those silenced and as I continue my journey of opening up new perspectives, I advise my readers to be respectful audience members as well as knowledgeable persons." She/ Her Pronouns Follow Chrissa on Instagram: @chrissa_apostol
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