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On January 12th, 2014, a new fraternity by the name of Pi Kappa Phi was founded at ISU! This group of 50 men are now being recognized for their hardwork and dedication to becoming a new chapter. HerCampus got the opportunity to meet with the executive board to find out what these men in white and gold are all about!


First Founded Nationally: December 10, 1904 at College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.

Total Chapters: 231

Mission: We Will Lead

Vision: Pi Kappa Phi will redefine fraternity as a lifelong brotherhood of leaders

Colors: White and Gold, Blue as an auxiliary color

Public Symbol: The Bell

Logo: The Star Shield

President: Jason DuBois

Vice President: Matthew ‘Chewy’ Zabrin


We first started the interview talking to the president, Jason DuBois!


Her Campus ISU: Who is the founding father?

Jason DuBois: Ben Dworkin is the official founding father but technically all of the new members are.


HC: What charity does your philanthropy support?

JD: We support Push America which is a non-profit organization that serves people with disabilities and is ran/operated by Pi Kappa Phi. We are the only fraternity to establish our own philanthropy. We are hoping to host our first philanthropy this spring called Push-ups for Push and War of Roses next fall/spring. 


HC: Explain the founding of your fraternity.

JD: Ben Dworkin reached out to a bunch of guys about starting a new fraternity and got a group of 35 that were just as interested in us as we were in them. Those guys really helped get us going along with the help of our nationals. It was a difficult and long process for the executive board; we put a lot of time and effort into it but it was worth it.


HC: How would you encourage someone else looking to start their own greek organization?

JD: Persistence, stay positive, and don’t just recruit anyone- recruit guys you can form a good brotherhood with.


We then got to speak with two of the newest members on executive board, Nick Birlingmair and Olly Ellen!


HC: Why did you choose Pi Kappa Phi?

Nick Birlingmair: I always played sports in high school and I transferred here after playing college football in Chicago so I always knew I wanted to be a part of a group/organization. My friend contacted me about Pi Kappa Phi so one night I went over to meet all the guys and everything just fell into place then.

Olly Ellen: I just saw a special chance to do something bigger than myself; it’s not everyday you get to be the founder of a fraternity. I also couldn’t see myself anywhere else so it all just worked out.


HC: What type of experiences do you hope to gain from being in this fraternity?

NB: I hope to learn a lot about myself and other people. I also hope to gain a lot of friendships (which I already have) and build relationships that will last in the future that I can still be in contact with.

OE: I want to become a better leader and public speaker. I then want to be able to use those skills in my future.


HC: What does brotherhood mean to you?

NB: Brotherhood means just being able to look at the guy across the room from you and know that anytime you’re in a difficult situation or need help, you’re gonna have your back and he’s gonna have yours.

OE: Brotherhood to me is just knowing that these people I call my brothers today will be there for me the rest of my life. I hope I’ll be able to call them in 20 years and they can come to my wedding or anything I have going on in my life and support me.


HC: Any last comments?

All: Proud to be a Pi Kapp.



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