An Open Letter to Kylie Jenner

An Open Letter to Kylie Jenner

Hey girl, first off big fan, I love everything you do but I feel like right now we need to talk.

So recently you’ve been in some sort of hiding and we’re all very worried. The last time you really posted on Instagram was about five months ago in September and that’s really not like you. Also, the Snapchat has been so dry it’s devastating to us all.

Going on Snapchat and Instagram and seeing the new additions to Kylie Cosmetics is very exciting, but I think there’s something else the public needs to know and see.

We’ve heard the rumors and if they’re true, we think that you would totally rock the baby bump mirror pics. But at this point we all kind of already know, you’re for sure preggers.

Speaking of the baby bump and the idea of a baby in general, we couldn't help but notice some things that haven’t been so “Kylie”. Things like:

 That covered up Calvin Klein ad…interesting.

The picture of what looks like a crib being put together in your backyard.

Then of course there was the Kylie has no reflection in a Christmas tree pic.

Speaking of Christmas, Kylie was a no show for the Kardashian card. So with all of this in mind girl, we have a confession to make.

To be totally honest Kylie…

We want the best for you and at this point you have to know that we all know the truth. JUST. STOP. HIDING.


Please just give the people what they want and tell us, show us, something!!

It’s your life and you can live it as you please but for the sake of the world please just confirm or deny! That’s all we want. Just tweet it, just one word, it would do the world with a great justice.

Anyways Kylie, just wanted to make sure you’re okay and let you know that we know and that we just want the world to keep spinning again.


The ones who just need to know!