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Take it “one day at a time” is a common phrase said by many, now more than ever, but actually living one day at a time can have a very different meaning depending on the person who is doing just that. How is your day spent since you are focusing on each day as it comes? Do you focus your energy on doing one thing throughout the day, or try to as much as possible before the time changes from 11:59pm to 12:00am? There is no doubt that everyone wants to feel like they have control over some (or all) aspects of life and should not have to worry about unnecessary stress that might arise from already tough situations. They might feel that it is essential to take small baby steps, in order to maintain their feelings of content and desire. But, many people also do not want to feel as if the days are passing by too quickly and they want to make the most out of every minute before they hit the pillow for bed- can you blame them? I think that the overlapping idea between both of these lifestyles is all about living in the present and moving on from the past. It is super important to take time for yourself through the good and bad times that life might bring, and your take on what “one day at a time” can be suitable in any way that it is accomplished.

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24 hours in a day… at least 7-8 hours should be spent fast asleep.. so that leaves: about 16-17 hours to spend your day however you want. Depending on what needs to get done during those 16-17 hours, your mindset could change in an instant and you could go from wanting to concentrate on one event to wanting to do three at one time, or even none at all. All of these decisions are valid; there is no “right way” to take one day at a time or even to live in the moment, as we all have heard from others before. Many people find themselves to be satisfied when they are dealing with one problem, event, action, etc. at a time and not doing too much at once. On the other hand, there are people who believe that they are the happiest when they are actual busy bees constantly running from one place to the next, with having little to no free time except for eating or sleeping. Both types of people worry about what their future will look like and what they can do to be either ahead of the game or doing everything possible to not fall behind, but this based off of the present moment. It is pretty hard to always stay present in the current moment, regardless of what is happening in your everyday life. In order to have a bright future though, there must be room for ongoing learning and consistent growth as there comes a fresh start to every day. The emphasis of attention shifted from what should be done to what really matters to you and how you get it done, will be a guaranteed way to live your life.

No matter how fast the time seems to be flying by, it will always be wise to devote time to what is necessary and to be surrounded with those who mean the most to you. There always seem to be some positives that come from the bad days, which can be proven all throughout 2020 so far. Each day that comes is a day worth living, and taking care of yourself is top priority while taking “one day at a time”.

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