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Netflix’s Newest Limited Series “MAID” is Not One to Miss

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If you’re looking to start a new show filled with real-world drama, powerful women and conversations that need to be had, look no further than Netflix’s MAID.

Starring Tarzan actress Andie Macdowell (Paula) and her daughter Margaret Qualley (Alex), alongside Nick Robinson (Sean), who is most commonly known from Love, Simon, MAID shines a light on domestic violence in an alternate way. The ten part series begins with Alex leaving her spouse Sean with their daughter in the middle of the night after an outburst from Sean ended in Alex picking glass out of their daughter’s hair. Netflix has introduced us to a storyline that centers around a woman who is being emotionally abused and does not believe that it would be considered domestic abuse because it’s not physical.

The domestic violence portrayed in this series is initially shown to only be verbally or emotionally. Alex is cut off from all money unless Sean personally gives it to her, she doesn’t talk to her close family, and worst of all, Sean is a drunk with a “rage issue” as she calls it. Alex escapes and doesn’t think she can call the domestic violence hotline for help because Sean never actually hit her. She wants to save beds for women who have actually been abused. Unfortunately, so many people stay in relationships with abusive partners simply because they convince themselves it’s not abusive if it doesn’t leave a mark. However, more often than not, emotional and verbal abuse leads to physical abuse, which can easily spiral to the unthinkable.

Alex and her daughter are in the situation many individuals leaving abusive relationships are in: broke with nowhere to go. Alex works like a dog and battles the cruel and unfair battles and struggles of our world and system in order to keep her daughter safe, even when the courts fail to protect her daughter.

If having an abusive ex is not bad enough, Alex has a narcissist for a mother who dates men named after spices. If you yourself have a difficult relationship with your mother, this character relationship will be a tear-jerker. Alex’s mother tries to convince her that Sean and Alex are just going through a rough patch and will get through it, despite fully knowing of the abuse. This is one of the moments Alex is reminded the only one she can count on is herself and the only person she cares about is her daughter.

The show depicts many warning signs and real-life scenarios that might truly help someone realize the similar situation they may be in and see that there is a way out. There are trigger warnings included before the episodes begin, but I’ll give you another personal warning: this show is heavy. If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic abuse and are looking for any kind of help, whether it’s advice or shelter, call 1-877-TO END DV (1-877-863-6339).

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