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We’re finally in the home stretch of the semester, and while that sounds exciting at first, with summer vacation just around the corner, it tends to feel like the opposite. It’s at this time that we have papers on top of papers and projects on top of projects, all the while studying for exams. It’s now that we feel stressed and overwhelmed, being weighed down with everything we have to get done. Because of this, summer feels miles away. Seems to me like it’s time to take a break from the chaos of college and start to get excited. How? By making a summer bucket list.

Here is my summer bucket list (so far):

Six Flags

As a roller coaster fanatic, you will absolutely find me at Six Flags Great America this summer. Goliath? Count me in. Raging Bull? Can’t wait. American Eagle? Save me a seat. There is no better feeling than that stomach-dropping sensation of a drop on a roller coaster that makes you make a noise that sounds like something between laughing and screaming.

Raging Waves

I can’t go to an amusement park and not go to a water park, can I? Raging Waves being labeled as “Illinois’ Largest Water Park” is a big thing, and since I’ve never been, I think it’s time to put that theory to the test.

New Buffalo Beach

Book in hand, feet in the sand, skin being kissed by the sun, while listening to the waves crash against the shore, sounds perfect, doesn’t it? On top of that, The Stray Dog Bar & Grill, a waterfront restaurant with rooftop dining, seems like the perfect place to take a break.

Navy Pier

Did you know every Wednesday and Saturday at Navy Pier in the summer they light off fireworks? Meaning there is even more of a reason to go, aside from the famous Ferris wheel, water taxi and food tours.

Baseball Games

Maybe I’m biased because my boyfriend plays baseball and I can’t wait to cheer him on from the bleachers, but summertime, to me, calls for the baseball park. Whether it’s his games or Chicago Cubs games, I’ll be there.


My friends and I all turned 21 this past year, and what better way to celebrate than to travel to Nashville and celebrate with beer, boots, and lots of country music?


Happening toward the end of the summer, it seems only fitting to attend and end summer with a bang. And a bang Lollapalooza will sure be, filled with a variety of different artists, crazy outfits and so much fun.

If you’re in the same boat as I am: stressed and overwhelmed with school, it’s time to take a deep breath and start looking forward to the rainbow that will come after the storm. How to do that? Grab a pen, get a piece of paper and start writing.

Alexa Fricilone

Illinois State '23

I’m a senior at Illinois State University majoring in journalism with an English minor. I’m a books over movies, iced coffee-loving, let's stay in and binge Netflix kind of girl, who also loves to write. Follow me on insta! @alexafricilone