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My January Favorites

A new year means out with the old, and in with some new products! Starting fresh for me means to organize my closet, skincare routine, and find new favorites to carry with me through 2020.  From self-care, fashion, lifestyle, and others, these are new items I have quickly grown to love and highly encourage you try out for yourself! 


1. Self- Care 

The number one self-care product I’ve discovered this month is the “Don’t look at me” face mask by Lush. January in Illinois is HARSH and will leave your skin patchy and dry (not cute!).  I’ve started using this face mask two times a week, and it leaves my face soft, smooth and glowy throughout the entire week. 

2. Beauty 

The Daisy perfume line by Marc Jacobs is my all-time favorite, and I recently started using “Daisy Eau So Fresh” which is a very clean, and simple fragrance that smells incredible all year round!

3. Fashion

Nike Air Force 1’s have become almost essential to any girl’s closet ranging from ages 14-23. This classic all-white sneaker was my go-to shoe for all of 2019, so you could say I was slightly heartbroken when they broke. These babies are almost always sold out in stores and online, so when I came across the ‘Nike Court Vision” sneakers I was shocked at how little these have been advertised. They look almost identical to AF1’s and are $25 cheaper! These shoes are extremely comfortable and are my new favorite all-white every day sneakers. 

4. Lifestyle 

I’m late to hop on the Podcast bandwagon, but I recently have become obsessed and will listen to them while cleaning my apartment, folding laundry, cooking dinner, or walking to classes. My favorite Podcast is Barstool’s “Schnitt Talk” hosted by our very own ISU alum Ellie Schnitt, and Alanna Vizzoni. I highly suggest this to fellow college-aged girls out there who want a good laugh or need advice on friends, school, boys, going out, sorority secrets, and all the things that we’re all thinking but don’t want to ask. 

5. Miscellaneous 

Too random to fit into a category, but I have recently become obsessed with the website Redbubble, which has stickers for just about everything and anything. If you’re like me and love to cover your entire laptop or every water bottle you own with stickers to let people know you love dogs or are in a sorority, I highly recommend this website. They have endless choices and great deals! 

While stickers and face masks aren’t going to be life-changing, they do make life a little bit better, these five things have helped me kick off a great start to 2020, and I hope you try them out for yourself!

Allie Nowak

Illinois State '22

Editor-in-chief for Her Campus at Illinois State University.
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