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In the spirit of Coachella, Lollapalooza, and all the other music festivals that have recently happened, or are approaching this summer, it’s important to have all the basic, but very necessary  essentials to ensure a safe but good time! Whether you’re just going for a day, or braving a whole week, here are my top 10 essential things you should always have with you! And let’s leave the over the top Coachella fashion at home…no one needs to be seen in assless pants! 


1. A Good Group of Friends 

Okay this isn’t a product per say, but I can’t stress this one enough! There are some WACK people at festivals, and things can go bad very quickly. Go with a bigger group of trusted friends, and make a pact to stay together, or create a buddy system! No one should be going off by themselves, safety first! 


If you think you packed enough water, PACK MORE. Summer music festivals get HOT, there’s a lot of people compact together, body heat is a thing, and being outside with the sun beating down on you while jamming out to your favorite artists is a heat stroke waiting to happen! And no one wants to be the person getting carried out of the crowd by the paramedics because they passed out! Bring a lot of water, and hydrate throughout the day! 

3. Wet Wipes

With all that water you’ll be drinking (great Segway) there will be plenty of bathroom trips! Music Festival bathrooms are a whole new level of unsanitary, and the last thing you want to do is touch anything in there! Most times there is no toilet paper anyways so do yourself a favor and pack some wet wipes. This is also good for wiping off makeup if it’s smeared by the end of the day, which it definitely will be! 


4. Fanny Packs 

Fanny packs resurfacing was the best thing that’s ever happened in the fashion industry, and they’re great for festivals! This way you won’t have to carry a big bag around with you all day, you have all your necessities right in front of you, and you don’t have to worry about people going into your stuff. 

5. Sun Screen 

Music festival outfits usually involve, shorts, crop tops, and a lot of exposed skin! If you’re going on a hot summer day be sure to pack goof sun screen to reapply throughout the day. If you think you won’t burn, you probably will. You’ll thank yourself later! 

6. Portable Charger 

Between Snapchat, Instagram, and taking pictures, your phone can easily drain at festivals. Bring a charger so you’re not stranded if you need to contact your friends or call an Uber at the end of the day. Also just stay off your phone and enjoy the music! 


7. Hair Ties

Small but important, these are nice to have if it gets really hot and you want to throw your hair up, or if you need to fix your cute music festival hairdo!

8. Advil 

No surprise, music festivals are loud. Like really loud. If you get headaches easily, or if all the walking, heat, and people start to get to you, pop an Advil (and nothing else!) and keep jamming out. 


9. Face Mist 

This is something I like to have with me everywhere I go, and I swear by it. Sometimes a nice refreshing spritz of rosewater or facial mist is a nice little pick me up, especially in the gross summer heat. 

10. Old But Good Shoes

Do NOT wear your fresh, new, perfectly white sneakers, or your 6 inch platform heels, or your beaten down flip flops with no support to a music festival. Wear shoes that are old, and ones that you don’t care if they get stepped on or muddy (because they will) but still have good support so you’re not limping home by the end of the day. 

Music festivals are so exciting, especially if you’re a first timer. Be safe, have fun, and don’t forget these essentials so you can get the best summer festival experience!

Allie Nowak

Illinois State '22

Editor-in-chief for Her Campus at Illinois State University.
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