More of this… PLEASE

As school starts to pick up, make sure you are taking the time to appreciate the little things that make you happy! Here’s a collection of things that I’d like to see more of in my life this semester.

1. Waking up in the morning without an alarm 

2. Drinking coffee in the morning while rain trickles off the window 

3. Class getting cancelled before getting out of bed 

4. Finding extra dollar bills in your pocket 

5. Dancing in the kitchen while drinking a glass of red wine 

6. Finding new music that gives you the chills 

7. Selling old clothes and buying new clothes 

8. Sunday Brunches and bottomless mimosas with your girls 

9. Morning runs when the leaves start changing colors 

10. Perfecting your makeup on the first try 

11. Wear more clothes that are true to your style 

12. Bubble baths with chocolate and wine  

13. Complimenting more strangers  

14. More crazy and spontaneous nights out on the town 

15. Recognizing the beauty of nature  

16. Remembering the color of someone’s eyes 

17. Focusing on your energy and character more than your outward appearance 

18. Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting 

19. Be more patient and kind 

20. Overuse “I love you” to everyone who deserves it