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Marisa Corradetti

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois State chapter.

Meet Marisa! Our Campus Celeb this week is a do-it-all kinda girl. She is well rounded and is known for her outstanding aray of activities. She’s a professional multi-tasker who is always up for a challege. This go-getter has the resume of a champion. Marisa is a Junior at ISU and is a fun, caring girl who likes to spend time with her sisters when she isn’t swamped with extracurriculars. Find out how she does it!!


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HC: What organizations are you currently involved in?

Marisa: I currently serve as the Collegiate Chapter President of my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. I am also an active member of Rho Lambda, and just finished up an on-campus internship with TV-10 last semester. I recently got a new internship, working as a ThirdChannel Sales and Marketing Campus Rep for Cosmopolitan Magazine, so I’m really excited to rep Cosmo at the ILSTU!

HC:What made you want to become involved with so many organizations?

Marisa: I was really involved in high school and I wanted to be that way in college too. Of course, I later realized that time management is key, especially during your college career, and things can become hard to balance. I feel like as you progress in school, you have to be completely dedicated to your activities, so you kind of have to really pick and choose your areas of involvement.  I’m a big people-person, and I feel like the more involved you are, the more people you get to meet. That’s probably one of my favorite parts of belonging to different organizations; you get to learn new things and meet some pretty amazing people at the same time.

HC: Why did you decide to ‘Go Greek?’

Marisa: When I was a freshman, I immediately wanted to get involved on campus, but didn’t know where I should start with all of the options that ISU had to offer. I remember looking at the list of RSO’s and feeling so overwhelmed, but in a good way! My friends on my dorm floor freshman year suggested that I go through Formal Recruitment with them. My older sister, Alex, who also goes to ISU, was the one that finally convinced me to try it after I went to her for advice. Turns out, it was actually one of the most fun experiences that I’ve ever had. I ended up in the same chapter as my sister, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re ever on the fence of trying something new, persuade yourself to do it, because it might just be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

HC: What’s your favorite thing about being President of Alpha Delta Pi?

Marisa: There’s too many! In all honestly, I cannot tell you how much I love being a part of this organization. I’ve never met so many girls that are so down-to-earth and passionate about life in general. I’ve met the greatest people, and there’s no doubt that I met some of my very best friends through ADPi. For me personally, I feel incredibly grateful to lead an organization with so many amazing women. I love changing things up and instilling new ideas in the chapter, while setting consistent goals to strengthen our Greek pillars of Sisterhood, Scholarship, Philanthropy/Service, and Leadership. Fun and positivity are super important aspects that an organization needs to have, so I make sure to put some of my goofy personality into whatever I may be doing!

HC: How would you describe the time commitment you need in order to be a part of so many organizations?

Marisa: I would say that you definitely need to keep your goals organized and know your limits. I always map my schedule out ahead of time, so I that I’m able to balance school, activities, and my social life. It can definitely be a struggle, trying to juggle everything at once, but I live for being busy, so I don’t mind at all! On average, I probably spend about 15 hours a week working on things for my sorority, and set aside a few hours for other activities. I always remind myself that my number one priority is school, so this helps me stay on top of everything.


HC: What do you think the best thing about being involved is?

Marisa: I really think that being involved provides so many benefits. It puts you in-the-know and makes you feel like you play a role within your community, which is an awesome feeling. It also helps you network, and get to know the people around you. The experiences you have and the skills you develop are things that you can’t really learn anywhere else.

HC: What do you do in your free time?

Marisa: In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends. When I’m back home, I love to be with my big Italian family and my dog. I also like to draw, work out, shop, read and write. You can always catch me reading a new book, Netflix binging, or reading up on celebrity gossip in when I have extra time. I’m a big movie buff too, so I love watching and going to movies. I’m also always listening to music. I have huge pink headphones that my friends make fun of me for wearing!

HC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Marisa: In five years, I can definitely see myself living in or near a big city, like Chicago. I’m super close with my family and friends, so staying close to them would be something I would have to keep in mind. I’d eventually love to have my own apartment, and work for a big-time retail company, having a job that combines my love for PR and fashion! I want to write books down the road too, so hopefully I’ll start working on one after I graduate. I’m usually content doing anything, so wherever the future takes me, I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it!




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