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Mario & Mike Bovino ’14

Name: Mario Bovino ‘14

Age: 19

Major: Criminal Justice

Hometown:  Lansing, IL

Affiliations: Delta Chi Fraternity, IFC

Relationship Status: Taken

Ideal Date: Blackhawks game

Favorite Foods: Anything from Jimmy Johns

First thing you notice about a girl: Her smile and personality

Last song played on iPod: “I know the truth” by Pretty lights

Celebrity crush: Brooklyn Decker

Where you see yourself in ten years: “Working for the D.E.A. and hopefully living somewhere in Arizona.”

Random fact about yourself: Shook the president's hand.


Name: Mike Bovino ‘14

Age: 19

Major: History and Political Science

Hometown: Lansing, IL

Affiliations: Member of the Delta Chi Fraternity

Relationship Status: Single

Ideal date: Going to a beach and having a picnic

Favorite Foods: Any type of seafood. “Also any type of pasta, I’m Italian.”

First thing you notice about a girl: How she dresses and how she holds herself. “You can start to tell a
lot about a girl on how she dresses and holds herself.”

Last song played on iPod: “Equinox” by Skrillex

Celebrity Crush: Jessica Alba

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: “Hopefully working with the Government either in the State Department or FBI. By that point I’ll have a wife and maybe the start of a family in a house in one of the warmer states in the country, or maybe a suburb of Chicago. Who knows?”

Random fact about yourself: “I can play piano. I took lessons for about five years.”


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Megan is a sophomore Journalism major at Illinois State University, with a minor in Creative Writing. She balances her time between class, her sorority- Gamma Phi Beta, and writing for the college newspaper- The Daily Vidette. When she’s not busy, Meg likes to shop for the best sales, rollerblade, hang out with friends or watch reruns of Sex and The City. Becoming a campus correspondent/editor-in-chief was a great accomplishment for her because she is an aspiring writer, hoping to take on the world of mass media after graduation in 2013.
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