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Makeup HC ISU can’t live without

Blush, bronzer, eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, concealer… the list goes on, ladies! Makeup is something we all have different relationships with. Whether you wear it everyday or once a month, most college women understand the basics of makeup. No matter how much use your makeup gets, lets face it, you can’t live without one of the many products you have. It may seem like your makeup collection revolves around this one amazing cosmetic. We put together a list of our favs, the one thing we each couldn’t live without.


New York Color Showtime Mascara

BY: MEGAN MAGINITY, editor-in-chief
Mascara is the one thing I always and forever will need. To me, a finished makeup look includes long dark lashes; that’s why I’m obsessed with this volumizing piece of heaven. I have tried numerous types of mascara and they all seem the same, dull and boring. Then I found this NYC brand and I fell instantly in love. NYC is pretty cheap, which is also a big bonus for those in college. A few swipes with the stable brush and your lashes will no doubt be looking fabulous.  
MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer
BY: MEGAN LAWLER, contributing writer

Blemishes, red spots, and zits don’t stand a chance against this miracle-working cover-up. With its lightweight feel and its long-lasting coverage, this product is a MUST for any woman’s makeup bag. It’s great to use while getting ready for a big night out or if you want a quick way to hide a pimple before racing off to class. This product provides smooth, discreetly opaque coverage to any spot you want to hide. I also use a little dab under my eyes to brighten them up or cover any dark circles I may have after pulling an all-nighter. This heaven-sent creation is water resistant plus non-acnegenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores) and a little bit goes a long way, so this product will last you forever!
Baby Lips by Maybelline
BY: LINDSAY CROSBY, fashion blogger & contributing writer

I am always on the hunt for the hottest lipgloss that will moisture my lips. During the winter months lips tend to get dry they get cracked and start to peel. So it’s always important to have some kind of gloss or chapstick to prevent your lips from doing so. My choice of gloss? Baby Lips by Maybelline! This product comes in 5 different smells and tastes; I picked the peppermint because it’s a refreshing smell. It contains lip renewal properties so you will definitely see a difference in your lips within weeks. Whether you want the soft lips or something to moisturizing this product is definitely a must have and I cannot leave my dorm without it!

Maybelline New York’s One by One Volum’ Express Mascara

BY: CHRISTINE GUIDICI, contributing writer
Like many other college students, I like to sleep till the last possible minute and not spend much time getting ready in the morning. Mascara is the one makeup product that I always wear. It gives your eyes that special pop without much effort. I’ve tried so many different mascaras over the years, but this one is by far the best. The best part is that it is extremely cheap and you can get it at any convenience store. A lot of girls try to use the designer mascara that costs a fortune, but honestly, I think One by One works even better! It has a special brush that catches each lash and makes sure they don’t clump as you apply the mascara. I usually do one coat on the bottom and two on the top so that I have luscious lashes all day long. Just add an extra coat and some eye liner to go from day to night in a matter of minutes!
Urban Decay Eye Shadow
BY: OLIVIA HOOK, contributing writer

When it comes to my everyday makeup, I’m a minimalist. I like the played-up natural look. The one component to my makeup routine that I can never go without is my Urban Decay eye shadow. My favorite daytime shades are “virgin” and “sin.” These two popular natural shades can be found sold separately for $16 a piece at Ulta or other makeup stores, or in the Urban Decay Naked Pallette. These eye shadows are a little pricy, but worth every penny for how long they last! Each round container of this magic shadow lasts me months. It goes on smoother and lasts longer than any other eye shadow brand I have ever tried. Urban Decay’s shadows are either matte or slightly shimmery. No matter which color you choose, you are sure to fall in love!

COVERGIRL LashBlast Fusion

BY: ARI PEREZ, contributing writer
This mascara goes everywhere with me! When I’m in a hurry, it’s the only thing I’m worried about applying to my face. I love it because it is thick mascara that does not clump. The brush is perfect for separating your eye lashes and applying the mascara evenly. Mascara is my overall favorite item of makeup because when it is applied I look more awake and ready for the day. I also believe having darker eyes makes me look older, which is something I like!
COVERGIRL Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder (#620)
BY: JULIE FLORENCE, how-to & contributing writer
I’ve been using this pressed
powder for as long as I can remember! This product is great for so many reasons. For one, it’s extremely affordable (around six bucks) so you won’t waste your whole paycheck spending tons of money on designer cosmetics. Another reason I love this little compact is because it’s so easy to apply. I’m not a huge fan of liquid foundation because I have a hard time blending it all perfectly. This pressed powder goes on super smooth and has great coverage without the whole “cakey foundation” look. However, I recommend using a makeup applicator brush instead of the little sponge they give you. I use the E.L.F total face brush for a smoother and lighter coverage. The best part about the brush is it only costs a dollar!

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