Make Sunday your Favorite Day of the Week

"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content". For many of us, Sunday is the absolute best day to sleep in and be lazy, mainly knowing that the next day will be the start of another productive week ahead. Whether it'd be going back to school or work, a bunch of responsibilities linger in everyone's head and terrible stress immediately takes over. While some people suffer from the Sunday scaries and dread Monday morning with a passion, remembering to kick off the new week with a fresh, positive mindset is key. As I am writing this on a Sunday afternoon with many things I still need to complete, I know that preparing myself to make the end of the weekend stress-free as possible will make my life much easier. If setting aside time from lounging around means more time to get myself ready for the week that follows, I can definitely make a few sacrifices. There is no better feeling than being refreshed and ready to handle anything that may come your way. 

Guaranteed Sunday funday by...

1. Creating a list of to-do's for the week, then prioritizing them

It helps to physically write down what you need to do for the week, instead of keeping everything in your phone or even memorizing it all. Once you jot down your list, you might soon realize that you have too much on your plate and this will require you to figure out what is most important to complete on the schedule. It would be wise to finish anything with a deadline or considered to be high priority first, then organizing all other tasks on a realistic timely order.

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2. Clean your fridge, bedroom, or anything else that needs to be de-cluttered

Taking at least 10-15 minutes to clean out old/extra food in your fridge or junk that has accumulated in your room will make you feel less worried about the mess that has taken over, and more in control of what you can get rid of. It is always nice to feel good in a clean environment and minimizing things that do not belong in your area contribues to an overall happier self.

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3. Meal Prep, and add a few snacks

Buying your groceries according to what food you have to restock plays a role in not overbuying and planning what meals to make on which day. Also, preparing food that takes longer to prep during the week will make it much easier to grab on rushed days. If you cook one meal, such as lunch, and put it in containers to grab in the morning, you won't need too worry. Adding your favorite pre-made snacks will definitely make meal-prepping more fun!

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4. Do your laundry and organize your closet while you're at it

Along with maintaining a clean home environment, clean clothes and towels give a sense of comfort and relief for when you need it. During the week, there is less time to do any laundry and the best time to get it done is definitely when the week will just be starting. After finishing laundry, planning your outfits for the week and organizing other clothes in your closet will have you feeling appreciative later in the week.

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5. Enjoy all of the festivities that Sunday Funday has to offer

Best of all, Sunday funday doesn't have its name for any reason and that is to actually have a fun time on your Sunday off. Although it may seem like your entire day is getting ready for the week, your time should be dedicated to yourself, and whoever else you like spending time with. Of course being organized and planning ahead of time is essential, but Sunday is the final day to do whatever you choose to conclude your busy weekend. 

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Since it may be challenging to change your care-free Sunday routine into a hard-working preparation for the entire week, spreading these responsibilities out over the course of the weekend can even make them feel less overwhelming. Depending on what makes your week practical, you'll find that it is simple to make Sunday your favorite day of the week!