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Spring Break or Spring Broke? For me, it was Spring Broke. Why? I went shopping…at LUSH! LUSH is a magical wonderland filled with handmade, vegan, cruelty-free, and fresh cosmetics. They are primarily known for their bath bombs, which are colored and scented hand-made mixtures filled with essential oils that fizz once they hit water. Did you know what else they have? EVERYTHING! They have products for your hair, body, face, the bath and shower, and even makeup. Their products are all natural, which means they are a little more on the pricey side, but I promise you – it is worth it. Read below to learn what I bought from LUSH and my review of it.

Herbalism – Face Cleanser

This product was a lifesaver for me. I am on a lot of different creams and medicines through my dermatologist. My skin is a combination of dry, oily, and sensitive. It is so sensitive that I am not able to use a liquid cleanser, and if I try, it will burn my skin. This is a clay cleanser infused with herbs to cleanse and almonds to exfoliate the skin. It also includes rice brand to soak up oils, and many other all natural ingredients. This product is available in a few different sizes and prices: the 3.5 oz. tub is $15.95 and the 8.4 oz. tub is $38.95. I highly recommend this product for those that have the same case as me, or that use any acne products. Major bonus: you are able to test this product out to see how your skin reacts before you buy it. This is available online and in-stores.

Link: http://www.lushusa.com/face/cleansers/herbalism/9999906956.html (picture via https://www.lushusa.com)


Celestial – Moisturizer

My skin is very dry due to the medicines I am on, so I moisturize a lot. I do it in the morning after I wash my face. I use it before I put makeup on my face. I use it once I take my makeup off, and before I go to sleep.  To sum it up, I use it and it is worth the price! It is a 1.5 oz. tub that costs $25.95, and it is worth every penny. A little bit goes a long way, so I use about a penny or enough to cover the tip of my finger each time and it covers my face! This is available online and in-stores.

Link: https://www.lushusa.com/face/moisturizers/celestial/9999900407.html (picture via https://www.lushusa.com)


Eau Roma Water/Tea Tree – Toner

The Eau Roma toner is a calming toner made from rose and lavender water. I love this, and I use it when my skin feels rough! This can also be used as a diffuser. The Tea Tree toner is my newest addition to my LUSH collection, and it is supposed to help with acne. This comes in two sizes: 3.3 oz. for $10.95 or 8.4 oz. for $22.95. This is available online and in-stores.

Link: http://www.lushusa.com/shop-by-feeling/refreshed/eau-roma-water/00408.html and http://www.lushusa.com/face/toners-and-steamers/tea-tree-water/9999900405.html (pictures via https://www.lushusa.com)


Love Lettuce – Fresh Face Mask

This facemask is amazing…. AMAZING! It contains essential oils, ground almonds for exfoliating and honey for moisturizing. This is the only fresh facemask I have owned from LUSH; it was recommended for my skin type by the LUSH employee. The only problem is that they have to be refrigerated and have a shorter shelf life than the normal facemasks that LUSH sells. This facemask (2.1 oz.) sells for $8.95 IN STORES ONLY. I would advise you to call beforehand to see if they have this/any of the other masks in stock because LUSH gets shipments of products every weekend, so I would hate for you to venture out to the mall and not be able to purchase this lovely mask! This is available in-stores only.

Link: http://www.lushusa.com/face/masks/love-lettuce/06096.html (picture via https://www.lushusa.com)


R & B – Hair Moisturizer

R&B saved my hair. The water at school is so much harsher than the water back home. No matter how much conditioner I use, my hair is always dry. I was complaining about my hair problems to a few of my sorority sisters when one recommended R&B to me. She has the same hair type as me, so I trusted her judgement. I went and asked for a sample of it, and that little bit ended up going a long way! I went back the next day and bought it because of how well it worked. It makes my hair softer and removes frizz. I would suggest getting a sample first before purchasing, so you can test this out on your hair type. The 3.5 oz. sells for $25.95 and the 7.9 oz. sells for $42.95. This is available online and in-stores.

Link: http://www.lushusa.com/hair/hair-treatments/r%26b/03080.html (picture via https://www.lushusa.com)


Eyes Right – Mascara

I recently added this product to my makeup bag as of the new year. The last time I shopped at LUSH, I didn’t realize that they sold makeup. I never bothered to try it out, until I was waiting in line next to it one day. I had not put on mascara that day and I loved how it turned out. It made my lashes look and feel good – naturally. It is made of wheatgrass, which conditions, strengthens and nourishes my lashes with a natural tint. I have recommended it before, and I am going to recommend it again! It comes with a brush attached, and sells for $19.95, in a .2 oz. glass jar. This is available online and in-stores.

Link: http://www.lushusa.com/makeup/eyes/eyes-right/03533.html (picture via https://www.lushusa.com)


Charity Pot – Hand/Body Lotion

This is the lotion that they offer samples of by the register when you check out. This lotion makes my dry hands feel so soft. LUSH donates all of their funds made from this product to grassroots charities. This is the best item LUSH sells because not only does it benefit you, but it gives funds to those who are really in need of it the most. There is a small 1.7 oz. that sells for $7.95 and an 8.4 oz. for $27.95. This is available online and in-stores.

Link: http://www.lushusa.com/body/body-lotions/charity-pot/05264.html (picture via https://www.lushusa.com)


Popcorn – Lip Scrub

This was my first ever LUSH product purchased based on a reccomendation from my best friend. My lips were saved by this little glass tub. This lip scrub works wonders. It is made of sugar, sea salt, and jojoba oil. I place a little on either a Popsicle stick (like how it is set up in store) or just my finger to grab some of the product. It removes all the dead and dry skin off and leaves my lips soft – make sure to apply lip balm to lock in the softness right away. This product is available online and in stores for 10.95 – and they are kidding when they say don’t eat the whole tub! This is available online and in-stores.

Link: http://www.lushusa.com/face/lips/popcorn/03766.html (picture via https://www.lushusa.com)


Happy shopping, I hope you enjoy LUSH as I do! – Renata


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