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Low Budget Summer Bucket List

With there being less than three weeks of school left, it definitely isn’t too early to start thinking about fun summer plans that will help solve the question, “so what do you want to do today?”. Deciding how to spend summer days is actually really hard, especially when cost is the main problem for most people. On days that aren’t devoted to working for money, your low budget summer bucket list should be in full swing. There are endless amounts of things to do this summer, without breaking the bank, and enjoying every possible second of summer break should be taken seriously.

Relax by the pool or beach 

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Soaking up the sun to get a hot tan at the nearest pool or beach is the go-to for summer vacation.

Cook something different

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Never a bad thing to spice up your cooking while trying new recipes and have a good time doing it!

Drive-in Movie Theatre

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Watching movies outdoors when the weather warms up is a must and there are 11 drive-in movie theatres in Illinois to pull up to.

Berry Picking

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Spending the day at the nearest farm to pick blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries is worthwhile to those sunny days.


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One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure and creating something new out of thrift store finds is totally genius.

SO many more ideas can be added as summer break approaches...after all, what even is summer without a bucket list?

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