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In early February, the Netflix hit show Love is Blind came back better than ever just in time for the season of love. The first season took the world by storm two years ago, so I knew I would have to binge again this time around.

The show sets up a blind dating experience for individuals looking for marriage. In the first couple of episodes, the participants go into “pods” where they aren’t able to see the person they are meeting and talking to. They take notes on who they like and who they don’t, which helps them decide if they want a second date with that person in the pods in order to make deeper connections. The only way the couples are allowed to see each other face to face is if they both agree to be engaged to one another. After seeing and meeting each other for the first time in person, they are truly put to the test to see if love is actually blind. Will the couples be able to have as good of a physical connection as their emotional connection? Or will their emotional connection weaken after meeting all the people they’ve been rejected by in the pods?

**Disclaimer: At the time I’m writing this the finale for season two when the couples actually get married hasn’t come out yet, but I promise all my readers that I have not looked up anything online to see if these couples are actually still together. These are just my personal predictions for the finale!**

Shayne & Natalie

I’m starting out with this couple because I’m more confident in them than any other couple. They both mentioned in previous episodes that they are 100% certain they’re saying “I do” at the altar. There also hasn’t been a lot of drama between these two, even though they are drastically different.

They are the prime example in my head of “opposites attract.” I was shocked they didn’t fight more about where they were going to live and how they were going to compromise with each other financially. Shayne spends $2,000 a MONTH on food, while Natalie focuses more on her 401K (which apparently Shayne doesn’t believe in). I would have been so concerned if I was Natalie, but somehow, she found his awful saving and spending cute?? Bless her heart because that would’ve been a huge dealbreaker for me.

They were even able to win each other’s families over, despite their parents not knowing about the blind dating experiment they got engaged through. Shaina (previously engaged to Kyle) has been this couple’s main problem. Shaina has been such a sore loser just because she and Shayne didn’t end up together. They had a slight miscommunication and if Shaina told Shayne that he was her number one, they probably would’ve been engaged. Since losing Shayne, Shaina has tried to get Natalie to hook up with her friend, she told all the couples that Shayne and Natalie’s relationship is fake, and she also flirts with Shayne in front of Natalie every chance she possibly can to make her jealous. Shaina is the definition of toxic and clingy, but I don’t think her immaturity will affect the couple in the long run.

Nick & Danielle

I’m honestly not sure about Nick and Danielle, but I’m going to say that they probably won’t end up surviving. It’s a toss-up though as to if they will split before the wedding or after.

This couple just gives me bestie vibes. They don’t really seem to connect much on a physical level. I feel like Nick zones out and acts weird every time Danielle tries to be intimate. They also both have bad tempers when they argue, they both end up saying really hurtful things that they end up regretting and apologizing for the next day.

They also can’t seem to let their past arguments go and move on. One minute they seem to be happy again finally, then one of them has to go and ruin that by making small petty comments that just fuel the other person’s fire. I think the strongest thing about Nick and Danielle is that when they are level-headed, they seem to understand each other emotionally. It’s just that when they fight, their attitudes and big personalities clash to the point where they storm away from each other. I can only see them getting married in the finale if they both agree to work on their differences and try to have healthier communication.

Personally, I think Danielle needs to learn to love herself and heal from all her insecurities before she can truly be happy with Nick.

Deepti & Shake

The main thing I have to say about this couple is POOR DEEPTI!

Deepti has been my favorite on the show, and I think she deserves so much better than Shake. I think that Shake needs to do a lot of growing up before getting married to ANYONE, especially someone as genuine and sweet as Deepti.

He started the show out with a bang by asking everyone in the pods if he would be able to carry them if they were at a music festival, trying to figure out their weight. Shake also made it a point to mention to everyone in the pods that he only dates blondes… ugh such disgusting and disappointing behavior for 2022 and also for a blind dating experiment. I do have to say though, Shake has probably had more character and identity development throughout the show than anyone else. I think Shake and Deepti’s relationship isn’t really about their love for each other, it’s more about Shake trying to figure out his identity. Deepti is just being a good sport and helping him along the way. He admits he was very shallow in the beginning and never thought he could fall in love with someone who was Indian like him.

Shake thinks he’s learned a lot, but I disagree. He still can’t get over the fact that Deepti isn’t blonde, he refuses to be intimate with her because she apparently reminds him of his aunt. Deepti just realized in the last episode that she bends over backward for Shake way too much and that she deserves better. Hopefully, she runs with that thought and they don’t get married. If Shake does end up getting over his ego though, I think they will end up surviving.

Iyanna & Jarrette

I feel like I don’t have much to say about Iyanna and Jarrette. In my opinion, I don’t think they have a lot of chemistry.

They have issues, but never really seem to get to the bottom of them. Iyanna vocalizes her concerns like Jarrette staying out until four in the morning, gaming all day, and keeping gifts from exes. Jarrette reassures her that he’s going to change, but we’re not really seeing any change in the time they’ve been engaged. I can’t tell if he doesn’t care, he’s lazy, or he just doesn’t recognize that she’s being serious. The communication is lacking and needs to be fixed if they want their potential marriage to work.

Iyanna also just realized in the last episode that she doesn’t deserve the way she’s being treated. Jarrette also has a weird past with Mallory that makes Iyanna uncomfortable, and I don’t blame her. Mallory and Jarrette give off flirty vibes and Mallory definitely wasn’t happy in the beginning that she ended up with Sal over Jarrette. I could still see Iyanna and Jarrette getting married though, I feel like if they weren’t serious about their relationship, they would’ve ended it by now to save each other’s and their own time just based on their personalities.

Mallory & Sal

Lastly, we have one of the most confusing couples.

Sal was and still is head over heels for Mallory. He’s literally been the perfect guy to her, but it’s insane how ungrateful she acts when he treats her like a true queen. When they first got engaged, Mallory seemed absolutely miserable when she had to be seen with Sal for the first time in front of the other couples. She didn’t even hang out with her own fiancé, she decided to complain that her engagement ring was silver and not gold. She also was boldly flirting with Jarrette in front of everyone. It’s all very unfair to Sal, I’m not sure if he’s even realized that she was so uninterested in the beginning.

Mallory now claims that Sal is her soulmate, but she didn’t seem very convincing. I don’t think they will end up together and I think it’s going to absolutely crush Sal. If they do end up together, I think it’ll be the same as Deepti and Shake’s relationship. It’ll only end up working out if Mallory can get over her ego.  How could you not fall in love with someone as attractive as Sal while also getting pampered with flowers, romantic homecooked meals, and songs written about you?? I just don’t understand how she still thinks Jarrette would’ve been better when all he does is drink until four in the morning every night and play video games.

I have no idea how the finale of the second season of Love is Blind will unfold, but I know there will be a lot of drama and I can’t wait to see what happens! In the end, I hope the couples that end up together get the happily ever after they’ve always wanted, and I hope the couples that don’t end up together realize that they still have their entire lives to find true love elsewhere.

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