Lollapalooza and Summerfest 2014 Lineup

That special time of the year is coming around again… festival season! Two of the most anticipated music experiences Lollapalooza and Summerfest have released their lineup and the hype about it is through the roof! 

The two festivals take place for several days and have a variety of genres such as rap, alternative rock, and electric dance music (EDM). 

With Lollapalooza having over 100 performers, a lot of popular artists will be there this year. These artists include: Eminem, Outkast, Zedd, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Lorde, Foster The People, Krewella, Childish Gambino and The 1975.


"The lollapalooza lineup this year hits every point on the spectrum of genres very well (as it normally does)," says sophomore Kevin Melaniphy, who has attended Lollapalooza and Summerfest twice. "Two of the headliners Eminem and Outkast are big names performing and I'm excited to see how the crowd responds."


"I'm excited to see Lorde and The 1975 because they're some of my favorite alternative artists," states another lollapaloozian Kati Amann. "I just love the atmosphere, sunshine, music playing from all different directions, and meeting people from all over the world; it's definitely worth the money."


Lollapalooza 2013


The Summerfest lineup also has a variety of popular performers but many smaller names. 


"Summerfest showcases a lot of groups that aren't as popular to the public; they're more up and coming," says Melaniphy. "I think it's really great to see groups like that play as the top acts."


Because Summerfest is 11 days, it has over 800 acts. Some of the more popular acts include: Kip Moore, The Neighbourhood, The Fray, Neon Trees, O.A.R., Timeflies, SoMo, and DJ Pauly D. The best part is that you can buy one day tickets at the door for only $16 or an 11 day power pass for $70.


"Summerfest has a much more laid back atmosphere than Lollapalooza," says Amann. "Although they're similar festivals, their small differances make it all the more better."


Summerfest 2013


So whether you attend Summerfest, Lollapalooza or both, you will get an amazing summer experience filled with good people, good vibes, and GREAT music!