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Local, Small, and Super Businesses to Shop From

I’m always on the hunt to find fab local businesses to buy from. Supporting their small businesses is a great way to help them grow their business and get the word out there. What’s even better is that you will always get top-notch products that are great for you or anyone you are buying for. I have gotten into contact with some local ladies who I think have some of the cutest products with the best quality. Even better, they are all online! 


With Love, Lex Creations

If you’re a Starbucks lover like shop owner Lexi, her goods are perfect for you. She makes personalized Starbucks to-go cups that are great for whatever drink you want that day. From fiery cheetah print cups to adorable dog mom cups and everything in between. You can send in any custom design you want, or you’re free to choose from the many options she has on her site. Interested? Check out her Etsy shop, With Love, Lex Creations or stop by her instagram @withlovelexcreations.

MAD Cricut Creations

Marissa actually has two shops, but you can find all her products on her website, MAD Creations. She creates anything you can think of: cute T-shirts, seasonal door signs, personalized ornaments and more. My favorite part of the shop is her dog section. You’re able to get your pup a bandana while you get a matching scrunchie to be twins with your dog. To keep up with all her latest creations, check out her instagrams @madcricutcreations and @mad.dogcreations.

Grace Helm's Scrunchies

If you love scrunchies, then this next business is for you. Grace Helm, @brunettesewist, makes the best homemade scrunchies. She picks out the most darling fabrics that add a little extra spice to your outfits. Most recently, she launched her fall collection, but she also has scrunchies of all kinds. To get a scrunchie to accessorize your next outfit, check out Grace Helms's Shop on Depop.

Made by Kaylee Rose

After you get your scrunchie, the final accessory we all need is a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings. Kaylee makes handmade clay earrings that will take any outfit to the next level. They are funky and so unique, that everyone will be asking where you got them from. She even goes above and beyond to hand paint pairs too. If you are looking for your next favorite pair of earrings, check out her Etsy shop, MadeByKayleeRose, or for more updates on her latest pairs, follow her instagram @madebykayleerose.



All of these ladies take their time to create products that are going to be superb for their customers. They take pride in their work and are some the sweetest small local businesses to buy from. Any of these items would be great gifts for a holiday or for yourself. To support their businesses, be sure to buy any of their cute products or at least give them a follow! 


Chloe Lindbom

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