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Lindsay’s Fashion Blog: How to spot a freshman

Being a freshman comes with a few burdens: you get picked on and talked about for being a “noob”.  Sorry, but I do take part in this. It’s only because they stick out like sore thumbs. Granted I was a freshman not too long ago but I paid my dues just like everyone else, so I have a right to point them out.

The first week of school was filled with laughter as me and my friends pointed out the freshmen and their obvious fashion mistakes. One can spot these timid little creatures by their unsure nature, the look on their faces that scream “I’m lost!”, and what they are wearing. Please note that if you were wearing a dress with wedges, face full of makeup, and hair curled…you’re a freshman and I am laughing at you. Now if that is how you dress regularly, by all means go for it. I am sometimes looked at weirdly for “dressing up” when in fact it is normal for me. Most college students prefer comfort when walking around campus, when weather permits, students wear Soffe shorts, flip flops and an Illinois State t-shirt. I am sure girls will eventually adopt this style of dress once the laziness kicks in.

Let’s face it- when students are bombarded by homework and studying, the last thing you want to wear is a dress walking to class. Fashion can be the last thing you are worried about.

Not only do I point these girls out on campus, I point them out on the weekends. The majority of us are out partying and having fun, I love seeing the outfits walking around because that’s when girls really get dressed up. The typical style is a pencil skirt, cute flowing top, and if you’re adventurous…heels. One night I spotted a girl wearing jeans, flip flops, and a “Fear the Bird” shirt. I’m going to let that marinate for a bit…Needless to say I laughed, I told my friends, and we laughed even harder. Good times.

Want to know how to not look like a freshman?

You can’t. There is nothing one can do to avoid sticking out because at the end of the day that’s what you are. Of course there is nothing wrong with being a freshman, it’s just a label. You’re new to college, you don’t know the ropes yet so it is going to be a trial and run on what to wear or how to get settled in this new environment. You can wear whatever you want because it simply does not matter as long as it makes you happy and you are comfortable. Please just know that wearing the “Fear the Bird” shirt is not acceptable under any circumstances. But as time passes you will start to conform, which isn’t always a bad thing, and wear sweatpants, a hoodie, and a messy bun; in other words laziness will kick in.

So, look on the bright side because you can laugh at freshmen next year because we have all been there.

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