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Lindsay’s Fashion Blog: For the love of… Scarves

Who doesn’t love scarves? They keep your neck warm and are a perfect accessory for your outfit. This scarf has been worn in the oddest of fashion around campus to which the record needs to be set straight…again. Not to worry ladies!

There aren’t that many scarves in all reality but the way to which they are used is downright absurd. I don’t believe it is that difficult to wear a scarf but worn incorrectly it can throw your outfit out of whack. The purpose of a scarf is basically for warmth, it does not look fashionable when I see girls wearing a long knitted scarf….with a hoodie. I’ll let you envision how wrong that looks.

The types of scarves include:

Knitted scarf
Casual circle scarf
Infinity scarf

That just about covers it really; of course you have your textures, colors, length, etc. it’s just how to wear it and with what. Knitted scarves and Infinity scarves are predominately worn in the colder months, outdoor purposes. They can be tucked in those petticoats when the neck area is widely open or simply outside.

Casual circle scarves are usually made out of cotton or linen in which case you wear it typically with a t-shirt, v-neck or scoop neck during the spring. I don’t see this style during the winter because it is such a light scarf it offers no warmth.
Need more options on how to wear a scarf? Head here!

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