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Lindsay’s Fashion Blog: Fall/Winter Essentials

Being a sophomore comes with a little bit of wisdom. There were certain items I wish I had during the fall but luckily I was covered in the jackets department. Here are some cute, warm and affordable options for the clueless and oblivious.

North face Denali Jacket
North face
This jacket seems to be the most common jacket that I see on campus. Personally I don’t understand the fascination with them but they seem to serve their purpose. From what I gather they are warm, comfortable, and convenient for college students.

BB Dakota Reba Toggle Coat
Urban Outfitters
I’ll be honest when I say this coat is on my personal wish list. Stay warm in this long coat that can definitely come in handy when the snow hits the ground. My mum insists longer coats are beneficial when the weather becomes more frigid. I unfortunately trade fashion for warmth but with this jacket I won’t have to do that this year.

Leatherette Bomber Jacket
Forever 21
Bomber Jackets are still in season and this particular jacket has faux fur lining. Don’t let the faux fur turn you off, it does the job of keeping you warm. This jacket would be more suitable for the fall and winter.

Shearling Double-Breasted Coat
This coat looks oh so comfy and the color of it is neutral so it goes with everything. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a jacket that is practical and goes with your wardrobe.

Grandview Jacket
Some girls like the brand, so I’ll give it to you. Hollister, it’s always a hit in miss with this store, I have always had a hard time justifying the price but consider this a splurge. It comes in a variety of colors and is feather downed to insulate the body warmth.
There you have it ladies, jackets that I am sure will turn heads, keep you toasty and not make your wallet hate you.

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