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Lifestyles of a Last Semester Senior

Well hey there senior year, didn’t expect you so soon. It feels like yesterday that I had to wait three more years for you to come around but in a blink of an eye, here you are. Since the first half of you went by in what seems a matter of seconds, I expect the rest of you to go by just as quickly. While an exciting time is ahead for all of us who are graduating in May, I can’t help but feel sad to think our time here at Illinois State is almost over. Wasn’t I just at preview, like, yesterday??? For all of you who have just been given the title of a last-semester senior, this article is for you. Here is to the lifestyle:


1. Going out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday because college.


2. Trying to hunt down Reggie because you need a picture with him before you graduate or else did you even go to ISU?


3. Going to the gym more than twice a month because you just realized (your last semester of college) how much you are actually paying for it.


4. Drinking an insane amount of Mulligan’s Long Islands because you may have to wait until alumni weekend to get another one.


5. You are at the library more than you are at your apartment. At this point, you have seriously contemplated bringing a sleeping bag with you next time.


6. Eating Meatheads every time you go out because you don’t know where another one exists?!

7. Have contemplated eating in the dining center one last time because *nostalgia* and then decided against it because its $10 and the food is terrible.

8. You have updated your LinkedIn page every day since the semester started because people are actually going to start looking at it now.


9. Stressing because you have to start applying for jobs before you have actually come to terms with the fact that you are graduating.

10. Crying when Josten’s sends you a confirmation email for your cap and gown order.


11. Juggling five classes, an internship, a job and five different clubs because a resume is not going to build itself.

12. Going to every single pub Wednesday because, does going out on a Wednesday exist in the adult world?


13. Figuring out how to make something other than ramen since you will probably never look at it the same way again after graduation.


14. Tearing up and feeling sentimental when walking around on the quad, or is that just me? #missyoualreadyilstu


15. Hanging out with your friends every single night because this may be the last time you are all in the same city.


16. Eating more Einstein’s bagels than you ever thought possible.


17. Realizing the amount of coursework you have to do does not line up with the amount of time given to do it.


18. You feel five different emotions when someone says, “you only have 3 months left of college.”


19. You are already looking to see when you can come and visit…seven months from now.


20. Realizing that BloNo is love and ILSTU is life.

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