Life Hacks every College Student must know

I will be the first to admit that college life is not easy. Getting thrown into the real world made me realize how clueless I was about everyday activities such as cooking, grocery shopping, studying, cleaning, etc. I find myself turning to the internet to find the majority of my solutions to these problems, which is not always the best option. However, I have found some really great life hacks throughout my experience that have made my life simpler so of course, I have to share them with you! Below I am going to list 10 of the life hacks I believe will be the most useful.


  1. When it's hot out and your dorm room/bedroom is stuffy, put a damp towel over the window too cool the room down

  2. Whenever you need to study for a test, google “site:edu [subject] exam” for example “site:edu Financial Accounting exam” to get multiple college exams to practice from

  3. Put a small amount of water in a glass on a plate with your pizza when microwaving to keep the crust from getting chewy

  4. Use the clips on pens and pencils as chip clips to keep your snacks fresh

  5. Study in groups if you can that way it is more enjoyable 

  6. Eating bananas is a natural cure to reducing stress and anxiety 

  7. Always keep a “sick kit’ filled with medicine, tea, tissues, etc. for when you get a cold and don't have your mom to take care of you 

  8. Sticking an avocado in a koozie can help it ripen faster 

  9. Putting a little vaseline on your wrists and neck before you spray perfume or cologne will make it last longer 

  10. Put things back where you first looked for them not where you found them